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Questions : how to ask them

With an auxiliary:


He is French he French?

She will go to school...will she go to school?

He would work harder...would he work harder?


With a modal verb :


He can swim...can he swim?

She may go out tonight...may she go out tonight?

They must work hard...must they work hard?


With a regular or irregular verb :


She likes chocolate...does she like chocolate?

They go to they go to school?

She brushed her hair...did she brush her hair?

We went out...did we go out?

He took the bus...did he take the bus?


Mind the subject:

What do you think of that?...the subject is 'you', you have to use 'do'

Which book does she read?...the subject is 'she', you have to use 'do'

What happens here?...the subject is 'what', you need not use 'do'

Who wrote that novel?...the subject is 'who' , you need not use 'do'


Exercise: find the right question.

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1. She likes going to the restaurant.
2. He is a handsome man.
3. She speaks English fluently.
4. He worked all night.
5. She bought a marvellous dress.
6. They talked to Jim yesterday.
7. They must do their homework.
8. She ate a big hamburger.
9. He will go to England.
10. Peter wrote a letter.

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