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Gestures and expressions

    to clap, clapped, clapped (one's hands)              to clench (one's fist)

        to cross (one's fingers)                                    to point at   sb /sth

   to shake, shook, shaken (sb's hand)      to stick out (one's tongue)

  to make, made, made a face                 to shrug (one's shoulders)

   to twiddle  (one's thumbs)                          to wink

    to stamp  (one's feet)                               to bow

    to cup, cupped, cupped (one's hands)          to nod, nodded, nodded (one's head)

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In western cultures directly with the index finger at a person is considered rude.

Perry Como (1912-2001) American crooner
I my fingers
Every time that you kiss me goodnight,
Even though you were holding me tight...

A fist is a persistent symbol of resistance and unity.

This golfer has lost the ball. He is angry and is his foot.

The photographer Arthur Sasse tried to persuade Einstein to smile for the camera, but he had smiled for photographers so many times that day that he his tongue instead.

Nursery Rhyme:

My hands upon my head I'll place,
Upon my shoulders, on my face...
Then them, one two three...

You can't teach an old monkey faces.

Instead of shaking hands, people, in some Asian cultures, prefer

She is her hands to hold an apple.

Yevgeny Dzhugashvili and Winston Churchill hands as Curtis Roosevelt looks on.
These three men have met for a debate 60 years after their grandfathers gathered for the Yalta Conference.

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin (February 1945)

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