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    Passive voice - English
    Present Perfect: He has taken: It has been taken. Past perfect: He had taken: It had been taken. Future: He will take: It will be taken. Future perfect: He will have ...
    The passive form - English
    A house has been built by Peter. Past Perfect, Peter had built a house. A house had been built by Peter. ... We have lost our keys. active, passive ? 6. You might ...
    There is , there are - English
    present perfect, there has been there have been, there hasn't been there haven't been, has there been...? have there been...? hasn't there been...? haven't there ...
    Direct and indirect speech - English
    'I've been working all day.' =>, past perf. cont. He said he had been working all day. past simple, 'I went to London.' =>, past perfect, He said he had gone to ...
    Have been or have gone - English
    Have been or have gone. Choose the right verb.She has gone to Florida = She is in Florida now. She has been to Florida = She went to Florida and now she has ...
    Continuous + Perfect - English
    it can refer to an action that has not finished. I have been learning Chinese for ten years and I still can't speak very well. - to show a series of actions ... By the time Ela left Poland she had been living here for 2O years. Future Perfect Continuous ...
    Being or been/help [Forum]
    Have been. You have been very nice to all of us. She has been crying for three hours. She had been cooking the pasta for an hour when I ...
    Missing words - English
    Seoul has been delayed. 2. An. extension ... Many subscribers have requested that we ... By Friday, twenty-five applications had been submitted. by, on, for ...
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