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    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #34: Advanced grammar test
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    Advanced grammar test

    Choose the correct answer: A B C or D

    English exercise "Advanced grammar test" created by anonyme with The test builder
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    1. They should help him = ? A. They should be helped B. He shall be helped C. He should be helped D. He would be helped
    2. He thought John might come. A. which B. what C. Ø D. if
    3. We could hear a strange noise in the dark.= A. A strange noise could be heard in the dark. B. No noise could be heard in the dark. C. A strange noise was heard in the dark.D. It's a strange noise
    4. It is film I have ever seen. A. worse B. the worse C. the worst D. worth
    5. now, it is too early. A. Let not go B. Let not going C. Let's not going D. Let's not go
    6. a beautiful present, ..... expensive it must be ! A. How / what B. How much / what C. What / How D. So / How
    7. She is a pretty girl: she A. is good-looking B.look men C. looking well D.good looks
    8. She has blue eyes: she is a A. blue-eyed B. blue-eyed girl C. blue eye D. blue eyes
    9. Snow usually in winter. A. is falling B. has fallen C.falls D.fall
    10. Why did he leave his home country? a job. A. for finding B. to find C. in finding D. by finding
    11. You needn't today, there is no class. A. coming B. to come C. came D. come
    12. You can either come on Wednesday on Friday. A. and B. or C. but D. not
    13. She looks pale. What's the matter with her? A. Ø B. like C. at D. herself
    14. He is a football fan : he likes A. very much football B. football very well C. football very much D. football very little
    15. Ten years ago, I in Scotland. A. have worked B. worked C. had worked D. will work
    16. I quietly when the fire started. A. have been reading B.had read C. was reading
    17. Some say Peter's killed his father; that's impossible! He that ! A. may have done B. can't have done C. could not D. must not have done
    18. You are much too fat, you eat less chocolate. A. can B. may C. should D. had better not
    19. Let's go get some petrol! A. for B. and C. we D. for us
    20. Trains are getting and ...... .A.fastest/more comfortable B.not so fast/less comfortable C. faster / more comfortable D. the fastest / the most comfortable

    End of the free exercise to learn English: Advanced grammar test
    A free English exercise to learn English.
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