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      Today's news
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    Today's audio broadcast in Special English: Audio
    1Trouble in the Air: Atmospheric CO2 Levels Reach Historic Levels /1 h 48 min ago
    2Robot Can Turn On TV, Remind You to Do Errands/1 h 48 min ago
    3Silicon Valley Non-profit Helps Muslim Entrepreneurs/1 h 48 min ago
    4Old Antibiotic Alternatives Getting Second Look in the West/7 h 46 min ago
    5US Extends Warning Time for Men with Possible Zika Exposure/30.09 22:31:13
    6s Most Flood-prone State Aided by New Satellite Mapping/30.09 22:30:04
    7Rosetta Probe Ready for Crash into Comet/30.09 22:30:04
    8From Salesman to Forest Defender, Papua New Guinea Activist Wins US Award/30.09 22:30:03
    9Pondering Oil Prices and Alternatives/30.09 22:30:03
    10Will Robots Replace Humans in Food Industry?/30.09 22:30:03
    11South Korean Video Game Raises Awareness of Government Surveillance/30.09 22:30:03
    12'/30.09 22:30:02
    13Rosetta Probe Ends 12-year Mission with Crash Into Comet/30.09 22:30:02
    14NASA Mars 2020 Project Unites Scientists Worldwide/30.09 22:30:02
    15Old Vaccine Brings India New Hope in Fight Against Leprosy/30.09 18:31:38
    16Thailand Confirms SE Asia's First Zika-linked Birth Defects/30.09 17:31:18
    17In Asia, Worries Over Healthcare Costs Grow as Populations Rapidly Age/30.09 16:31:17
    18Risk of Zika-Related Birth Defects 'Very Disturbing,' Official Says/30.09 04:30:12
    19Study: Negative Attitudes Toward Older People Shorten Their Lives/30.09 01:30:13
    20’s at Fault for High Drug Prices? Congress, in Part/29.09 23:31:13
    21Clues for Treatment From HIV-Infected Children Who Do Not Develop AIDS/29.09 22:31:38
    22Company Develops New Way to Manufacture Goods Using 3-D Printing/29.09 22:30:04
    23Elements, Human Activities Are Devastating Eastern European Forests/29.09 22:30:03
    24No Big Shift in US Flood Patterns Despite Climate Change, Study Finds/29.09 22:30:03
    25Thailand Suspends Seahorse Trade Amid Conservation Concerns/29.09 22:30:03
    263 States Sue to Block Transfer of US Internet Control/29.09 22:30:02
    27Report: Floods, Droughts, Storms Likely to Increase Sharply in Future/29.09 22:30:02
    28‘Black Moon’ Starts Friday/29.09 22:30:01
    29Negative Attitudes Toward Older People Shorten Their Lives/29.09 20:31:26
    303-D-Printed Synthetic Bone Shows Promise for Repairing Injuries/29.09 03:30:29
    31The Cost of Cheap Drugs? Toxic Indian Lake is 'Superbug Hotspot'/29.09 03:30:28
    32Under-the-skin Implants Help Detect Breast Cancer Spread /29.09 01:30:27
    33Traditional Taxis Getting a Tech Makeover/28.09 22:30:03
    34Elements, Humans Put Eastern European Forests Under Stress/28.09 22:30:03
    35s First Baby Born with DNA from 3 Parents, Scientists Announce/28.09 22:30:03
    36Musk Unveils New Details of Plans for Mars Colonization /28.09 22:30:02
    37’t Share WhatsApp Data/28.09 22:30:02
    38Company Develops New Way to Manufacture Goods Using 3D Printing/28.09 22:30:02
    39Meltwater Lakes in Antarctica Sign of Trouble/28.09 22:30:02
    40WMO: Rapidly Melting Arctic Sea Ice Signals Accelerated Global Warming/28.09 22:30:01
    41Miami-Dade to Release Zika-positive Trap Locations/28.09 15:32:23
    42After a Stroke, Time is Critical, Even More Than Previously Thought/28.09 14:32:20
    43New Study: After a Stroke, Time is of the Essence/28.09 09:30:55
    44Study: Obesity, Violence Hamper US Progress on UN Health Goals/28.09 01:30:19
    45Top Officials Gather at UN to Address Falling Effectiveness of Antibiotics/28.09 01:30:18
    46Experimental Zika Vaccine Protects Monkeys/28.09 01:30:18
    47World's First Baby Born with DNA from 3 Parents, Scientists Announce/28.09 01:30:18
    48The Americas Becomes First Region of World to Eliminate Measles/28.09 00:31:14
    49Roller Coasters Help Pass Kidney Stones, Study Shows/27.09 23:31:59
    50s Europa Moon May Have Subsurface Ocean, Huge Geysers/27.09 22:30:03
    51 Beak in Southeast Asia/27.09 22:30:02
    52Scientists Create Realistic Model of a Dinosaur, Including its Color/27.09 22:30:02
    53After Lives as Experiment Subjects, Retirement with Dignity/27.09 22:30:02
    54 Password Breach Could Have Ripple Effects Well Beyond Yahoo/27.09 22:30:01
    55Scientists Create Realistic Dinosaur Model, Down to Its Colors/27.09 22:30:01
    56Kenya Rolls Out New Child-friendly TB Drugs/27.09 19:32:38
    57WHO: 9 in 10 People Breathe Bad Air/27.09 09:31:34
    58Campaigners: 'Backward' Indigenous Peoples May Hold Solutions to World Hunger/27.09 06:30:26
    59Child TB Deaths Set to Fall as Kenya Launches New Drugs/27.09 05:30:19
    60New Strain of 'Superbug' Traced to Chicken/27.09 02:30:48
    61Samsung: 3 Reports of China Phone Battery Fire/27.09 01:30:30
    62Study: Smoking May Permanently Damage DNA/27.09 01:30:30
    63Watsi Crowd-funds Healthcare for the World, One Patient at a Time/27.09 01:30:29
    64Nothing to See Here: Southeast Asia Flummoxed by Haze Study/27.09 01:30:29
    65Wheelchair Gives New Meaning to Standing Tall/27.09 01:30:29
    66Zuckerberg Pledges $3 Billion to End Disease/27.09 01:30:29
    67Rift Valley Fever Outbreak Kills 21 in Western Niger/27.09 01:30:28
    68US Guidelines on Self-Driving Cars Get Good Reception At G-7/26.09 22:30:02
    69 Is More Effective Way to Dry, Preserve Fish in Malawi/26.09 22:30:02
    70Robots Park Cars in West Hollywood/26.09 22:30:02
    71New Tech Tools Help US Voters Decide How to Vote/26.09 22:30:02
    72’s?/26.09 07:30:22
    73’t Foster Weight Loss, Study Finds/26.09 01:30:12
    74Nerve Cells Can Be Switched on to Repair Damage/26.09 01:30:12
    75Number of Millennials Seeking Mental Heath Help Jumps/26.09 01:30:11

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