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    1Estonia Wants NATO Base on Russia's Doorstep/19 min ago
    2Halliburton Agrees to Settle Gulf Oil Spill Claims/19 min ago
    3IMF: Ukraine May Need $19B More in Aid if Conflict Continues/19 min ago
    4Internet Video Purports to Show Sotloff Beheading/20 min ago
    5African Summit to Focus on Terrorist Threat/20 min ago
    6Victims of Nazi 'Euthanasia' Killings Commemorated in Berlin/20 min ago
    7September 2, 2014/20 min ago
    8’s Recent Attacks /20 min ago
    9Experts See Rise of ISIS as Significant Development/20 min ago
    10Pakistan Parliament Reaffirms Support for Embattled PM/1 h 19 min ago
    11Shots Fired at Saudi Pipeline Hint at Larger Concerns/2 h 19 min ago
    12Poll Shows Record Support for Scottish Independence/2 h 19 min ago
    13Landmine Kills 4 UN Soldiers in Northern Mali/2 h 19 min ago
    14Sources: Boko Haram Insurgents Kill Scores in Nigerian Town/3 h 19 min ago
    15Putin Orders Expedited Building of New Russian Spaceport/3 h 19 min ago
    16Climate Change May Overwhelm Farmers/3 h 19 min ago
    17Pakistan Parliament Backs Embattled PM Sharif as Crisis Deepens/3 h 19 min ago
    18NATO Leaders Set to Gather on Russia, Middle East/3 h 19 min ago
    19UN: 1 Million Somalis at Risk of Hunger/3 h 19 min ago
    20Syrian Forces Escalate Assault on Rebel-Held Damascus District/3 h 19 min ago
    21US Unsure if Somalia Strike Killed Al-Shabab Leader/4 h 19 min ago
    22Jennifer Lawrence Contacts FBI After Nude Photos Hacked/4 h 19 min ago
    23Ukraine Schools Resume Classes, Donate to Government Forces/4 h 19 min ago
    24Hamas Popularity Surges Over Gaza, Poll Finds/4 h 19 min ago
    25Nusra Front Demands Removal from UN Terror List /5 h 19 min ago
    26Pakistan Lawmakers Hold Emergency Meeting /5 h 19 min ago
    27Human Rights Groups Allege Supression of Freedoms in Thailand/5 h 19 min ago
    28Sudan Expels Iranian Envoys, Closes Cultural Centers/5 h 19 min ago
    29Palestinian Negotiator to Push Statehood Case with Kerry/5 h 19 min ago
    30Saudi Pipeline Set Alight After Shots Fired at Security Patrol/5 h 19 min ago
    31German Minister Urges Europeans to Eat More Fruit/5 h 19 min ago
    32Relatives of Abducted Iraqi Soldiers Storm Parliament/6 h 20 min ago
    33EU to Announce New Sanctions Against Russia by Friday /6 h 20 min ago
    34UN: Food Shortages a Grave Concern in Ebola-hit Nations/6 h 20 min ago
    35Scores Killed as Boko Haram Insurgents Overrun Nigerian Town/6 h 20 min ago
    36EU to Announce New Sanctions for Russia by Friday /7 h 19 min ago
    37Cameroon Seizes 200 Elephant Tusks Bound for Asia/7 h 19 min ago
    38Attack on Army Convoy Kills 10 in Egypt's Sinai/7 h 19 min ago
    39Amnesty: Islamic State Ethnic Cleansing on a 'Historic Scale'/8 h 20 min ago
    40Australia Prepares to Deliver Weapons to Outgunned Kurds/8 h 20 min ago
    41UN: Ebola Threatening Food Security in West Africa/9 h 20 min ago
    42Mixed Signals on Second Migrant Wave at US Border/9 h 20 min ago
    43British Labor Rights Activist on Trial in Thailand for Defamation/10 h 20 min ago
    44’s Resignation/11 h 21 min ago
    45UN Chief: Political Dialogue Solution to Ukraine Crisis/11 h 21 min ago
    46Pakistan Lawmakers Hold Emergency Meeting Amid Political Impasse/11 h 21 min ago
    47Philippines Foil Bomb Plot Aimed at Airport, Chinese Targets/12 h 21 min ago
    48Nusra Front Demands Removal from UN Terror List to Release Hostages/12 h 21 min ago
    49Amnesty: Islamic State in Iraq's Ethnic Cleansing on 'Historic Scale'/02.09 07:30:38
    50Hong Kong Arrests Pro-Democracy Activists/02.09 07:30:38
    51Southern African Countries to Help Restore Order in Lesotho/02.09 07:30:37
    52‘Migrants for Export’/02.09 06:30:53
    53US Detainees Want Negotiators for Freedom in North Korea/02.09 05:30:39
    54US Targets Al-Shabab in Somalia Strike/02.09 04:30:45
    55Despite Protests, Pakistani PM Refuses to Step Down/02.09 02:31:42
    56Turkey Demands US Explanation of Alleged Spying/02.09 01:30:33
    57Iran Foreign Minister 'Optimistic' About Nuclear Talks/02.09 01:30:33
    58’ Remains/02.09 00:31:24
    59In Myanmar, Karen Leave Ethnic Umbrella Group/01.09 23:32:31
    60Ireland Mulls Peacekeeper Withdrawal from Golan Heights/01.09 23:32:30
    61UN to Send Team to Investigate Islamic State Crimes in Iraq/01.09 22:33:09
    62Brain Imaging Comes to Children in Poor Countries01.09 22:30:03
    63UN: Boat People Fleeing Myanmar, Bangladesh01.09 22:30:03
    64Could Dinosaurs Have Survived?01.09 22:30:02
    65Kenya Women Saving Time, Money With Return to Natural Hair/01.09 21:32:39
    66Was it a Coup? Lesotho Unsure Amid Political Crisis/01.09 21:32:39
    67Heavy Clashes Between Soldiers, Militants in N. Nigeria/01.09 21:32:38
    68’ Israeli Claim of West Bank Land /01.09 20:33:03
    69Ebola Claims Another Victim: Economic Growth/01.09 20:33:02
    70September 1, 2014/01.09 20:33:02
    71Britain May Strip Suspected Islamist Fighters of Passports/01.09 20:33:01
    72’s New Anti-Euro Party Chides Merkel/01.09 20:33:01
    73WHO: First Ebola Case in Senegal Is 'Top Priority Emergency'/01.09 19:33:59
    74Abdullah Threatens to Withdraw From Afghan Political Process/01.09 19:33:57
    75SADC Meeting Lesotho Officials to Resolve Stalemate/01.09 18:34:09
    76Internet, Technology Offer New Tools for Journalists/01.09 18:34:08
    77Lesotho Prime Minister Requests African Peacekeepers/01.09 17:34:04
    78'No Signs' of Ebola in Swedish Man/01.09 17:34:04
    79Tensions Still Simmer Between Vietnam, China/01.09 17:34:03
    80UN debate: In Iraq Fight, Both Sides Guilty of Atrocities/01.09 17:34:02
    81Turkey Accuses 33 Police of Plotting to Overthrow Government/01.09 17:34:02
    82Cuba Enacts New Rules to Restrict Imports/01.09 17:34:01
    83Three Americans Detained in Korea/01.09 17:34:01
    8413 Serb Ex-soldiers, Policemen Suspected of War Crimes Detained/01.09 16:34:27
    85Mali's Government, Tuaregs Engage in More Peace Talks/01.09 16:34:26
    86China May Be Biggest Winner From Ukraine Crisis/01.09 16:34:26
    87US Airstrikes Help Iraqi Forces Break IS Siege of Amerli/01.09 15:33:45
    88Indian Economy Showing Signs of Recovery/01.09 15:33:44
    89Chinese Americans: Discrimination in US Still a Problem, but Improving/01.09 15:33:43
    90Libya's Elected Parliament Asks al-Thinni to Form New Government/01.09 15:33:43
    91Libyan Militia Group Moves Into US Embassy Annex in Tripoli/01.09 15:33:42
    92Ukraine's Poroshenko Accuses Russia of 'Open Aggression'/01.09 14:32:59
    93Three Americans Held in North Korea Speak with CNN/01.09 14:32:59
    94Corruption Concerns Taint Burgeoning China-Africa Trade /01.09 14:32:58
    95Philippines Foils Car-bomb Plot at Airport, Shopping Mall/01.09 14:32:58
    96Turkmen from Amerli Describe Survival of IS Siege/01.09 14:32:57
    97Protests in Islamabad/01.09 14:32:56
    98Developments in Ukraine - Sept. 1, 2014/01.09 14:32:56
    99Obama Faces a Chaotic World and the Limits of Power/01.09 13:32:15
    100Hong Kong Protesters Heckle Senior Chinese Official/01.09 11:32:47

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