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    1s Time Has Come /10 h 37 min ago
    2s Female Tech Talent/10 h 37 min ago
    3Sierra Leone Lacks Medical Facilities to Treat Kidney Disease/28.08 19:32:27
    4SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth With Station Science, Gear/27.08 22:30:02
    5Juno Gets Its First Close-up Look at Jupiter Saturday /27.08 22:30:01
    6Plants Clear Indoors of Pollutants, Study Finds/27.08 17:32:11
    7Obama to Congress: Fund Fight Against Zika/27.08 14:32:28
    8Immigrants Help Immigrants at Health Care Center in Washington/27.08 00:31:10
    9US Broadens Guidelines for Zika Testing/26.08 22:31:26
    10Volvo Breaks Its Record for Fastest Truck on Earth/26.08 22:30:03
    11 to Allow for Smaller Solar Parks/26.08 22:30:03
    12First Driverless Taxi Hits the Streets of Singapore/26.08 22:30:02
    13Indian Scientists Design Solar Tree to Save Space for Solar Power Generation/26.08 22:30:02
    14Obama Creates Largest Ocean Sanctuary in the World /26.08 22:30:02
    15s Coolest Ideas/26.08 22:30:02
    16Recycling Concrete Can Help the Environment/26.08 22:30:02
    17FDA Advises Zika Screening for All US Blood Centers/26.08 18:32:02
    18’t Need Chemotherapy/26.08 16:31:30
    19Mylan Offers Discounts on EpiPen Amid Wave of Criticism/26.08 01:30:25
    20Two Muslim Women Work to Empower Others in Unconventional Sports/26.08 00:30:43
    21NASA Continues Splashdown Tests, This Time With Dummies/25.08 22:30:02
    22Jeff Williams Breaks US Space Record/25.08 22:30:02
    23Apple Boosts iPhone Security After Mideast Spyware Discovery/25.08 22:30:02
    24Rosetta Space Probe Sees Bright Flares, Landslide on Comet/25.08 22:30:01
    25Auto, Technology Industries Clash Over Talking Cars/25.08 22:30:01
    26Whatsapp Is Going to Share Your Phone Number With Facebook/25.08 22:30:01
    27Yosemite, and President Obama, Head into Virtual Reality/25.08 22:30:01
    28Florida Officials Call for Federal Aid to Fight Zika Spread/25.08 20:31:21
    29US College Students Miss Meals to Drink More Alcohol/25.08 16:31:56
    30CDC Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Miami's South Beach/25.08 09:30:56
    31Athlete Talks About Using Performance-enhancing Drugs/25.08 09:30:55
    32Gene Doping Could Be Next Step in Cheating by Athletes/25.08 09:30:55
    33Nigeria Commits to Ending Polio in Africa Once and for All/25.08 09:30:55
    34After Setback, Nigeria Digs In to End Polio/25.08 09:30:54
    35Antioxidants in Citrus May Head Off Obesity-Related Diseases/25.08 09:30:54
    36Top Expert: US Can Expect Zika to 'Hang Around' for 2 More Years/25.08 09:30:54
    37Researcher Who Led Fight to Eradicate Smallpox Dies at 87/25.08 09:30:53
    38Jimmy Carter Thought He Had Weeks to Live During Cancer Fight/25.08 09:30:53
    39Experimental TB Test Gives Results in an Hour/25.08 09:30:53
    40Deaths From US Lightning Strikes This Year at Highest Since 2010/25.08 09:30:53
    41Paper-based Test Identifies Bogus and Poor Quality Drugs/25.08 09:30:52
    42Florida Officials Call for $1.9 Billion in Aid to Fight Zika Spread/25.08 09:30:52
    43Florida Announces Zika Case Hundreds of Miles from Miami/25.08 09:30:52
    44Study Shows Extent of Brain Damage From Zika Infections/25.08 09:30:51
    45Scientists Hope New Test Could Help Contain Meningitis Outbreaks/25.08 09:30:51
    46ll Try to Explain/25.08 09:28:11
    47 /25.08 09:28:11
    48NASA Releases Panoramic View of Mars/25.08 09:28:11
    49New Research Could Mean Biodegradable Rubber Tires /25.08 09:28:11
    50Millennials Cautiously Optimistic, Embrace New Technologies/25.08 09:28:11
    51Using Pulp from Plants Makes Packaging Earth-Friendly/25.08 09:28:11
    52Virtual Reality Has Arrived, But Not for Full-length Movies/25.08 09:28:11
    53Self-Locking Handbag Curbs Impulse Spending... For a Price/25.08 09:28:11
    54US College Libraries Reinvented for Digital Age/25.08 09:28:11
    55Self-Locking Handbag Curbs Impulse Spending ... For a Price/25.08 09:28:10
    56Turns Out Chimps Are Lovers Not Fighters /25.08 09:28:10
    57‘Lost’ Space Probe/25.08 09:28:10
    58Virtual Reality Has Arrived But Not So for Immersive Full Length VR Movies/25.08 09:28:10
    59Turning Deadly Insect Venom Into Drugs/25.08 09:28:10
    60Earth 2.0 Just Over 4.2 Light Years Away /25.08 09:28:10
    61Tesla Announces Quickest Electric Car/25.08 09:28:10
    62Newly Developed Nanoparticles Speed Blood Clotting/25.08 09:28:10
    63s a Real Softie, and Cheap/25.08 09:28:10
    64Social Media Crackdown: The New Normal for Africa?/25.08 09:28:10

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