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Irregular Verbs (I)

Fill in the blanks.

1. Infinitive, Preterite and past participle = identical
bet, bet, bet
cost, cost, cost
cut, cut, cut
read, read, read

2. Preterite and past participle = identical
bring, brought, brought
buy, bought, bought
build, built, built
burn, burnt, burnt
catch, caught, caught
dream, dreamt, dreamt
feel, felt, felt
find, found, found
fight, fought, fought
get, got, got
have, had, had
hear, heard, heard
keep, kept, kept
leave, left, left
lose, lost, lost
make, made, made
meet, met, met
sit, sat, sat
sleep, slept, slept
say, said, said
sell, sold, sold
think, thought, thought
teach, taught, taught

3. Infinitive and past participle = identical
become, became, become
come, came, come

4. Preterite looks like past participle
bear, bore, born(e)
bite, bit, bitten
break, broke, broken
choose, chose, chosen
forget, forgot, forgotten

5. Infinitive looks like past participle
be, was/were, been
blow, blew, blown
do, did, done
draw, drew, drawn
drive, drove, driven
eat, ate, eaten
fall, fell, fallen
forgive, forgave, forgiven
give, gave, given
go, went, gone
know, knew, known
see, saw, seen
take, took, taken
write, wrote, written

6. Preterite & past participle (a/u)
begin, began, begun
drink, drank, drunk
ring, rang, rung
swim, swam, swum

7. No rule
fly, flew, flown

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1. give, , given

2. sleep, slept,

3. , ate, eaten

4. drink, , drunk

5. have, had,

6. swim, , swum

7. , made, made

8. do, did,

9. take, , taken

10. , taught, taught

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