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Adverb clauses.

An adverb clause is a dependant clause ( incomplete sentence ) with a subject and a verb, and marked with an adverb.The clauses makers can indicate:- time ( when, while, whenever, as soon as )- concessions ( in spite of, despite, although, even though )- reason ( as, because, in case, so )- purpose ( in order that, so, so that )- manner ( as, as if, as though, like )- place ( where, wherever, everywhere )- conditions ( even if, if, only if, unless )Choose the correct clause mark to give the right meaning of each sentences.

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1. Betty looks something is wrong. A- only if B- even if C- as if D- so that.

2. The people danced the music played. A- like B- as C- unless D- in case.

3. David goes swimming his illness. A – even if B- in spite of C- though D- whereas.

4. I looked, I found fingerprints. A- until B- whereas C- because D- wherever.

5. This region is called “land of apple” it yields a lot of apples. A- because B- although C- until D- only if

6. ploughing the field, the farmer uncovered a dinosaur bone. A- as though B- while C- until D- since.

7. Lucy can’t attend the meeting she finds a baby-sitter. A- unless B- even if C- only if D- if.

8. the fire started blazing, the skewers were tilted toward the flames. A- so that B- as if C- such as D- as soon as.

9. pandas mostly eat bamboo, they are also carnivorous. A- not only B- until C- although D- as soon as.

10. Seat belts were introduced traffic fatalities would be reduced. A- as if B- then C- so that D- only if.

11. his parents disapprove, he said he won’t go to university. A- even though B- until C- as if D- despite.

12. running, grizzly bears are capable of attaining a speed of 35 miles an hour. A- so that B- when they are C- so D- though.

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