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Used to / to be used to

USED TO / To be USED TO + Verb + ing


 1) USED TO : More than a past habit, USED TO is a phrase which indicates a contrast with the past. What was true in the past is no longer true ! The reason for the change may be expressed in the sentence, or just suggested.

ex1 : There used to be a bridge over that stream, but it collapsed during the latest floods ...

ex2 He used to sleep with his Teddy bear ... now, he sleeps with his wife !              


                                                                        USED TO = contrast with the pastt.


2) 'TO BE USED TO + Verb + - ing' or 'TO GET USED TO + Verb + - ing' : = HABIT

Built with the verbs 'be' or 'get' and the preposition TO, the phrase suggests a habit, which is repeated again and again ... This phrase can be built in all tenses (present, past and future)

ex1 : I wasn't used to sleeping on a sofa, but since I arrived here, I've been getting used to it.

ex2 : I'll never get used to being woken up so early ...

                                                                  TO GET/BE USED TO + VERB + - ing = HABIT

Therefore, it is fundamental to make a difference between the two expressions and to respect their particularities ! That will be your 'mission' in the following exercise! 

Good luck !


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1. When you were a baby, you your thumb, whereas your sister had a pacifier ! Now, you're a big boy !

2. He's fish in the morning ... That's a habit he got in Norway when he lived there for 3 years.

3. You so much as now, did you ?

4. I a lot of coffee, but as I got sleepless, I've turned to decaf.

5. There a ferryboat leaving from here, but now with the Chunnel, it would no longer be profitable ...

6. ' to school with him ?' 'Of course not! I'm much younger than he is ...'

7. tea or coffee when you stayed in the US with your British aunt ?

8. Beware ! This baby 's long cuddles before accepting to go to bed at night ...

9. Yes, I must admit I called by my boyfriend everyday and texted 10 times a day, at least ... I like it ! ;0)

10. No ! I'm sorry, but I sausages for breakfast ...I 'm out of the habit now ... I'd rather have toast and orange juice, please !

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