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Vocabulary: Emergency - First aid...

Well well...  Nobody likes this topic...  Yet, if necessary, you have to know how to speak about it! 

Let's go! This lesson is 'Guaranteed painless!'  


A hospital with a helicopter (or a chopper)

landing on the roof. ( = emergency services)

                      a nurse


              a hospital room



                 a doctor



We go to the doctor's to relieve the  pain we suffer from  ...

To hurt = to ache  [eik] ; ache is used in many expressions

an eye ache                                         an ear ache 

a headache                                          a shoulder ache 

a toothache                                          a stomach ache 

a backache                                           a tummy ache (familiar)

BUT a heartache is abstract (you have a broken heart) and you have a sore throat (when your throat is aching.)







            To have X-rays


                   a broken leg 


           to suffer from backache


             To walk with crutches




           a (medical) walker


               a wheelchair


               A sprained-ankle


               To have a bruise




To have a fever (a temperature)



A stethoscope to examine the patients

                An injection


          To have a sore throat




          To have a splinter




 A (sticking) plaster (UK); a band-aid (US).


                    To faint 

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1 - There has been a huge accident on the motorway... A 's bringing a few patients to the hospital and landing on the roof !

2 - 'Ouch! Mom! I've fallen down and my knee's bleeding...' 'Come here, darling. I'll clean it for you and put a on your knee.'

3 - 'Move away, please... An old lady has just and needs fresh air.'

4 - 'Errrr... I have a headache, Mommy...' 'Let me feel your forehead! Oh dear, you must , you're burning up...'

5 - 'Open your mouth... Stick your tongue out... Oh dear, you have a , it's scarlet!

6 - 'Oh! My finger hurts!...' 'Show me! Yes, I can see a , here...'

- 'Just a minute... I'll take it out with , and then, I'll clean your finger...'

7 - You know, Clara's Mom has fallen while having a shower. She has and can't walk at all...

- 'I wonder how she'll manage to go from one place to another... Will she use ?'

'Of course not! She'll just use a pair of ...'

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