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Conditional sentences type 3

Conditional sentences type 3

We can use the Third Conditional to talk about 'impossible' conditions, impossible because they are in the past and we cannot change what has happened.

Example:  If the students had studied for their exam, they would have passed it.

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1. If I had known my friend was in hospital, I (go) to see her.

2. I did not see you in the pool yesterday. If I had seen you, I (swim) with you.

3. My mother did not go to the gym yesterday. She (go) if she had not been so tired.

4. She (not/ leave) home if her father had not disturbed her.

5. If he had been looking in front of himself, he (not/walk) into the wall.

6. The view of the mountain was wonderful. If I had had a camera, I (take) some pictures.

7. She was not thirsty. If she had been thirsty, she (drink) some water.

8. If my grandmother had gone to the university, she (study) science. She likes science a lot.

9. If I had known how to swim, I (swim) when we went to the beach.

10. If you had given a direct address to me, I (find) that museum easily.

11. If I had had enough money, I (buy) a big house for myself.

12. We (go) for the picnic yesterday if the weather had not been rainy.

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