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Vocabulary: all about fruits

Whether they were eaten raw, or cooked, fruits have always composed human beings' diets. Before becoming cultivators and then hunters, men were pickers.

Some fruits are available to consumption throughout the year. In our latitudes, they are reaped in season and kept and stored to prevent them from rotting. The only real problem being that eating ripe fruits is exceptional, especially in the districts where they aren't produced. 

A large variety : Basics

        A  banana=> bananas           An orange => oranges        An apple => Apples

Some fruits have stones ( generally a big one, most of the time, it is proportional to their sizes. ) : apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, mangoes... 

            A cherry => cherries.              An apricot=> apricots   Different varieties of plums
          Peaches                     A Mango / Mangoes   
             An avocado 

Others have pips or seeds which are equally indispensable to reproduction: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, ( all of them citrus fruits), apples, pears, grapes, pomegranates, melons, watermelons, without forgetting tomatoes. 


              Several varieties of pears        

           A pomegranate

Some are 'berries and currants'

            A strawberry => Strawberries       A raspberry => raspberries      A blackberry => blackberries
                   Blueberries    Bilberries (a variety of Blueberries)        Gooseberries (Yuk!)
                 Redcurrants                   Whitecurrants             Blackcurrants 

Those are  citrus fruits  (add oranges)          

               A Lemon          A Grapefruit                      A Lime 

The so called 'exotic fruits' + bananas + pineapples.

                a melon                         a watermelon                      a litchi

When I said we had quite a variety...   Let's hope you won't mix their names... especially your berries! 


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1. It is said that Eve disobeyed and ate , the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

2. For breakfast, I like it when I can eat from Florida. It's the citrus fruit I prefer.

3. I was given a basket of exotic fruits... I was happy to see , with its orange flesh. It was deliciously sweet.

4. I watched several videos about the different techniques to make juice. Once blended, its red seeds are amazingly sweet.

5. In England, it is said that ' a day, keeps the doctor away.'...' Especially if you throw it hard enough ...', the jokers add...

6. Kids like picking huge red and they often eat them without the traditional cream which can make them so delicate....

7. In autumn, lots of are eaten whereas others are turned into wine.

8. are tropical plants. The fruit is quite tricky to prepare: cutting fhe hard leaves off isn't easy at all and the peel is difficult to cut too, but the yellow flesh of the fruit is well worth the effort.

9. In summer, during a heat wave, it's so pleasant to bite in a large chilled slice of pink ! (provided you have taken the seeds away, of course...)

10. When I was very young, I was often given as a dessert in England. Luckily, I could eat them with custard .... But I still hate them....


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