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How often? How many times?

1) HOW OFTEN ... ? = an adverb of frequency. It's used to ask question about the frequency of an event.

- How often do you go to the cinema? 

- I don't know how often he should read a book.


* The answers to this question are very often following the same expressions:

- every + noun: minute/ day/ week/ month/ year/ decade/ century...

- every other day/ every other weekend = every two days/ every three weekends  => every five years... 

- once a day ( = X 1 ;  notice the indefinite article)

  Twice a week.(X 2); then, the frequency is  expressed in a ‘regular way' = three times a month/ four times a term/ six times a year....

- always/ (very) often/ sometimes/ occasionally/ seldom/ usually/ hardly ever/rarely  .)/ never.




2) HOW MANY TIMES ...?  Most often numeral adjective is found in the answer. The use of all the auxiliaries is possible with this expression. 

- How many times have you seen your favourite film? 5 times.

- Tell me how many times you want me to take her to school. 4 times would enable me to rest a little.



Easy, isn't it?  Come on, now, the test is for you!  

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1 . “ do you see your big sister, Julie?” , when she comes back from her boarding school.”
2 . “ have you taken your little girl to the hairdresser’s?” “Twice only, because she wants to let her hair grow.”
3 . “I go to England for every holiday. have you been there?” “Once only, and I really felt lost and homesick…”
4 . “ do you want me to cook fish for you?” “I love fish, and it’s good for our health, I wouldn’t mind having fish twice a week.”
5 . “ have you done the washing up, this week?” “I know, twice only, but I will do it every day, next week.”
6 . “Lucy! shall I have to tell you to tidy up your room?” “Err, none, Mom, I understand it now…”
7 . “Mom, have I sorted out all these games?” “Dozens of times, girl, and don’t worry, you’ll do it many many times again…”
8 . “If only you respected the “ rule ”, girl, things would be easier…
9 . Remind me: “ should you tidy up this mess?”… ”Once a day, Mom, I know!”
10 . ' …and should we go to the park and play, Mom? At least , I bet!”


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