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Idioms: other animals...

Dogs, cats, and mice test are not the only animals to illustrate idioms... There are many others. 



Here, we're going to study expressions dealing with birds and fowl, then rabbits, goats, horses, mules, bulls  and ... fish and frogs


1) Birds and fowl...   


               A little bird told me ...   

           Birds of a feather flock together



       To have goose pimples


   The early bird catches the worm...


       To kill two birds with one stone   


         ... when pigs fly... (= never!)



2) Rabbits, goats, horses, camels, bulls and even bats... What a variety! 


         To rabbit on about someone 


            To get someone's goat = get nervous or angry 



          Don't beat a dead horse...



            I could eat a horse!


          As stubborn as a mule! 


         It's the last straw that breaks

          the camel's back



... like a bull in a china shop


            ... a bat in the belfry           

3) Fish and Frogs...



                   He drinks like a fish!


                   I have other fish to fry...        



           He's a big frog in a small pond. *



                He has a frog in his throat



* This expression makes us think about the importance of being humble...You may feel like "a Big King", but you should consider the size of your Kingdom... You might as well be "the Little King" of a "Big Kingdom", and be just as important... La Fontaine would have agreed with this, wouldn't he? 

Interesting to notice how some animals replace others in the idioms of the different languages, and funny too, isn't it?   Go for the test, now...


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1. “Oh dear! Pam’s son’s coming… Let’s put the crystals away… This kid’s . Quick!”

2. Leave him alone, now… He’s lost the match and is no longer dangerous… No need

3. that Nancy’s expecting a baby… I’m so happy!

4. I’m starving! … you’d better be a good cook!

5. Enough is enough! What he did … I’ll never speak to him again!

6. Yes, I know… Kevin will be obedient … or when he grows older!

7. and must clear it very often… Can I have a little water, please, it helps!

8. Sorry but I can’t go to the pictures with you today…

9. Get up! Don’t forget that … In an hour, it’ll be too late!

10. Oh dear, you’re cold… Look, … put this sweater on!

11. I hate it when about her so-called friends!

12. I told her not to do it, but she didn’t listen to me... She’s and was punished for it!

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