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Vocabulary: idioms-a few vegetals 1/2

Here are some more idioms: they will all deal with vegetals (different fruits, grass and lawn, ill weeds and hay!



1) First, apples!


                The apple of my eye

              = a very precious thing

                It's as easy as apple-pie

                     = extremely easy

     A room in apple-pie order = Very tidy                The Big Apple = New York City
 A rotten apple= a black sheep= somebody different

          There's a bad apple in every basket

                 = Not everyone is good...


          The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

               = You take after your parents...

           An apple a day keeps the doctor away

           = an apple is the token of good health

2) Peaches, plums, grapes, gooseberrie (Yuk! ), grass and lawn, ill weeds... and hay!    

     She's a peach!= She's a very beautiful girl!
       It's a peach!= Wow! It's GREAT!

            He has a plum in his mouth

             = He speaks in a snobbish way.

              A plum job= An exceptional job

         They're sour grapes, as the fox says=

          These grapes are bad, said the fox!

            (not big enough to catch them!)

                   The grapevine= gossip


         ... found under a gooseberry bush

      = babies are supposed to be found there.

          To feel like a gooseberry

                 = to feel useless

     To play gooseberry= to be the third wheel


        To lead someone up/down

    the garden path= To pull somebody's leg


               He's green as grass

   = To be inexperienced, pure and non corrupt.

             You could hear the grass grow

            = There was no noise at all



          To grow like a weed

            = to grow very fast

               Ill weeds grow apace

         = Weeds row faster than grass!

                      To pull weeds

                 = to throw weeds away

       Hay fever = an allergy to pollens         To hit the hay= To go to bed

                To find a needle in a haystack

                       a difficult thing to find

There you are! You have many expressions to learn, and they're not always what we'd have expected. Good luck for a wonderful success.  


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1. Tidy up your room, Lucy! Until it is , you won't be allowed to play.

2. Of course the girl is stubborn.... When you know her father, you understand she couldn't be different.

3. Yes, I knew about it , took some tests and got the job.

4. I warmly recommend spending time in this place! Really, !

5. No! I won't hang out with the two of you! You're kidding! Who'd wish to ?

6. No illusions for me. This success is for me, so unreachable just now...

7. Oh dear! My allergies again... I wish I didn't have ... It's so annoying.

8. You shouldn't have in such a way... He's mad at you!

9. Of course, I like , but I much prefer the Windy City.

10. He's so snobbish... When he speaks, you'd think he in his mouth, but he doesn't.

11. I knew you could do without me. , just now.

12. Lucy, it's really time you , now... Wake up time is 7 tomorrow!

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