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Fly or Flow/ Live or Leave


Among the unforgivable confusions of verbs and expressions students tend to mix up and misuse, are the verbs To FLY and To FLOW and the even more elementary To LIVE and To LEAVE. Such mistakes are extremely serious and must be avoided at all cost. They can be quite easily. 


1)   TO FLY, FLEW, FLOWN = to move through the air, using wings; to take the plane:


to fly





 Past Participle  


 Present Participle  
 (and gerund)


 3 rd p. sing.
imple Present 


 French translation 


 A fly 
= an insect 
= the flap of a tent 
= a garment opening 
 Plural= flies 



To fly the nest= To leave the house                     A fly => several flies                                        To fly a kite

Other expressions:

 A dragon fly  = a non stinging insect  A fly spray= aerosol to kill flies
 A fly swat

 = an object to kill flies

 A fly sheet/ screen = protection against insects 
 To fly away/out  = to run away To fly= take a plane
 To fly a kite = to float a kit in the air  To fly a flag= to float a flag
 To fly the nest  = to leave the home Fly tipping= illegal dumping of trash

 To fly off the


 = to fly into a passion To eat on the fly = to eat very quickly



2)   TO FLOW,  regular verb, FLOWED, FLOWED . 

 The flow= a stream of water The flow= the movement of water 

 Against the flow

= in the opposite direction  

 Blood flow  = a discharge of blood  

 The ebb and flow 

= the rise of the tide 

 Cash flow

= The sum of the after

   tax profit 



II) To LIVE?  or to LEAVE?

1)   To LIVE, regular verb, LIVED, LIVED.

 To live off someone = to use somebody else's money Live on welfare = to live with social help  
 To live rough= difficult living conditions  To live with = to endure
 To live and learn= learn with experience   To live and let live = to be tolerant
 To live it up= take advantage Long live the King! = a cheer of encouragement! 
 Live [laiv]= not broadcast Live from hand to mouth 

= problems to make ends




   To LEAVE, LEFT, LEFT= to leave behind, to forget.

 To leave something= to leave an object behind  Absent Without Leave = AWL = a deserter  
 To take a French leave  = to go away discretely To leave someone alone  = stop bothering!
 To leave high and dry = to let down To eat leftovers = eating what is left
 To leave it to someone = to entrust stg to sby To be left behind = abandoned
 Take it or leave it! = make a choice To be on leave = to have days off **
 To have something left= to remain Leave well enough alone!  = don't try to do too well! 

 ** "On leave = on holiday" has formed many expressions using adjectives or nouns:

Maternity leave - sick leave - annual leave - parental leave  - sabbatical leave ...



        Leave me alone!                                      To take a French leave                                     To be on leave


That's it!  

Now, you should know the main expressions enabling you to avoid misunderstandings!  Good luck! 


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