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Vocabulary: rain... and more rain...


In some countries or places, RAIN... is sometimes part of the landscape... It's so frequent, steady, though it can be quite light. 

Yet, in other places, it seldom or never falls and lack of rain can lead to an extreme drought.





                                        The terrible reality of drought

For centuries, RAIN has been called upon and even prayed for in ritual rain dances, in order to purify the land and boost the crops. 

In our centurythe weather forecast is still not an exact science, but it enables us to forecast the weather for the coming four or five days. 


I) The different forms of RAIN: 



               To carry an umbrella          

                   A puddle

         Heavier and heavier rains...                      Drizzle ( light rain)                   A downpour

                Scattered showers  

                 It's raining cats and dogs!                      

           Paddling in puddles is fun!

                            RAIN                      and        WIND OR STORM... 

               A clap of thunder           

        A flash/ bolt of lightning                   

         To blow an umbrella inside out



II) Let's see a little more vocabulary...

 Damp  Wet => To get wet
 Soaked = Drenched  => Soaked through 
 Pouring rain  To pour (heavy rain)  Torrential rain (idem) 
 Drowned  A flood The monsoon 


III) Expressions and idioms: 

The match was rained off= the match was cancelled because of the rain.
a rain squall= a gust of rain

- a rain check (on something)= a ticket given to replace one when the event was cancelled; => to think something over.

- a rain gauge= a device to measure the hight of fallen rain.

-  Rain or shine= in good or bad weather... Always!  

To be as  right as rain = to have recovered, to be feeling well.

- It never rains but it pours= unfortunate events come in rapid succession... 


Well! You may know that rain, or more generally speaking the weather, is very often and very much discussed, especially in Great Britain.  

All these words and expressions will be very useful to you. have a good training. Good luck!  


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1. Oh look, Mom, Silky has been playing in the garden in the rain. He's ... Err, to be more precise, now, he's .
2. Uncle Jack invited me to a tennis match at the Paris Open, but it was . I wish they had a retractable roof like in Wimbledon.
3. My grandfather takes a three-mile walk every day, . He can't do without it.
4. Yesterday, in Brittany, we had all day. Today is much better but I can hear in the distance.
5. He was very ill last month, but now he's and has fully recovered.
6. Can you drive me to school, please Mom... It's , the rain is really but I can't be late for class.
7. True to say, : first, my car broke down, then I lost my house keys and am locked out, and to crown it all, it's and I'll be in a minute.



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