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Present perfect simple

Present perfect simple

"have" in the present tense ("have", except for the 3rd person singular = "has") + past participle (verb + -ED for regular verbs / You should learn irregular verbs)

AssertionHe has worked in a big firm. = He's worked in a big firm. 

With another subject:
I have worked in a big firm. (= I've worked)

If there is an adverb -> it is between the auxiliary and the past participle.
He has just sung.

Except for NOT... YET at the end of the sentence:
He has not sung yet. 

Negation: He has not worked in that firm. He hasn't worked in that firm.
I have not worked (= I haven't worked)...

Have you ever seen him in that firm?


When there is a negation, please use the contracted forms ("hasn't" / "haven't").

Present perfect SIMPLE only.

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1. My neighbour a new car. (to buy / just)

2. My cousins where to go on holiday, perhaps in England. (not to decide)

3. Alex to the cinema with his girlfriend. (to go)

4. I 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly': I like it (to see).

5. to France ? (to be / you / ever)

6. Julien his friend. (to meet / just)

7. Recently, we many parties with our friends. (to have)

8. What during the holidays? (to do / you)

9. He (never/ to work).

10. (finish / already / you) ?

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