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Present continuous


The Present continuouss



I. Definition

The 'present continuous' describes an action that takes place in the present and is still going on in the present.



II. Markers

Now / At this moment / actually ...



III. Affirmative form

The affirmative form is :


« to be »

The verb

« form »


Full form

Contraction form

I am cleaning the board

I ‘m cleaning the board

You are eating breakfast

You ‘re eating breakfast

He / She / It is eating bananas

He / She / It ‘s eating bananas

We are doing exercises

We ‘re doing exercises

They are respecting us

They ‘re respecting us


IV. Negative form

The negative form is :


« to be »


The verb

« form »



Full form

Contraction form

I am not cleaning the board

I ‘m not cleaning the board

You are not eating breakfast

You aren't eating breakfast

He / She / It is not eating bananas

He / She / It ‘s not eating bananas

We are not doing exercises

We aren't doing exercises

They are not respecting us

They aren't respecting us


V. Answers

To answer we say :

1/ Yes, I am /You are / He is /She is / It is /We are / They are.

2/ No, I am not /You are not/ He is not /She is not / It is not /We are not / They are not.



Complete the following sentences by using the right verb in present continuous

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1. She (to bend) her knees.

2. I (to watch) TV.

3. She (to warm) up for 400 metres.

4. I (to talk) to Pierre.

5. They (to do) exercises.

6. I (to wear) my lucky chain.

7. I (to feel) a bit nervous.

8. Look at the woman who (to cross) the street. It's Justine.

9. She (to learn) English as a foreign language.

10. They (to hunt) birds.

11. Do you mind if I stay a little while here? It (to rain).

12. My mother (to cook) a cake.

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