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Modal verbs

 'Can', 'Could' and 'Be able to'

1. Ability: Can/Could/ was/were able to/ has/have been able to /will be able to


 I can ride a horse now.

 Last year , I couldn't ride a horse.

 I faced many difficulties to learn how to ride a horse but by the end I was able to ride it.

 Next year, I will be able to ride the most dangerous horses. 


2. Inability: Can't/ cannot,  wasn't/weren't able to, hasn't/haven't been able to, won't/ will not be able to


 I can't / cannot swim.


3. Possibility: Can


The weather is cloudy, but we can go for a walk.


4. Impossibility: can't/ cannot


 He is ill, he cannot / can't come today.


5. Request: Can/ could/ would/ will


 Can/Could/Would/ Will you help me?


5. Permission: Can


 Dad, can I go to the theatre with my friends this evening? 

 yes, you can


6. Prohibition: Cannot/ can't


 No, you cannot/ can't go to the theatre.





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1. Allan speak five languages, but he can write only two.

2. Last year, the boat sank in the ocean,but he swim and reach the shore.

3. The United Nation Organization make peace all over the world yet.

4. Last summer, Nina play the guitar at all.

5. The son has promised his parents that he pass his exam.

6. After several tries, the prisoner escape from prison.

7. They play hockey very well.

8. You smoke in this room, it's not allowed.

9. Ten years ago, he escaped from his house, but his parents find him.

10. Please, you give me a lift?

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