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Different tenses

Complete the sentences.

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English exercise "Different tenses" created by anonyme with The test builder.
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1. He often (go) to the cinema with his friends.

2. Do you (smoke) ? No, I don't.

3. Listen! He (have) a bath.

4. She (to play) tennis with her brother now.

5. In 1970, he (to live) in New York.

6. She (to drink) a glass of wine ten minutes ago.

7. When the phone (to ring), my mother was cooking.

8. On Sundays, he (to wash) his car.

9. Look! Vanessa and Dave (to quarrel)

10. Every morning I (to get up) at 6 o'clock.

11. I (read, already) Mangas.

12. As soon as everybody (to arrive), the concert will begin.

13. He (to leave) last Monday.

14. She (just/to call) him.

15. Peter never (to work) on Sundays.

16. When (he/to buy) this car ?

17. (ever/you/to meet) my sister ?

18. Yesterday Walter (to do) his homework.

19. Yesterday while I (have) a shower, my father repaired my radio.

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