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200 irregular verbs and audio

Easy... but do you know the other irregular verbs?

A big thank you to  Hugh et Shirley for their recordings.

Recording 1

InfinitivePreteritePast participle
InfinitivePreteritePast participle
to abideabodeabodeto breedbredbred
to arisearosearisento bringbroughtbrought
to awakeawokeawokento buildbuiltbuilt
to bearboreborneto burnburntburnt
to beatbeatbeatento burstburstburst
to becomebecamebecometo buyboughtbought
to beginbeganbegunto castcastcast
to bendbentbentto catchcaughtcaught
to betbetbetto choosechosechosen
to bidbidbidto clingclungclung
to bindboundboundto comecamecome
to bitebitbittento costcostcost
to bleedbledbledto creepcreptcrept
to blowblewblownto cutcutcut
to breakbrokebroken

Recording 2

to dealdealtdealtto flingflungflung
to digdugdugto flyflewflown
to dodiddoneto forbidforbadeforbidden
to drawdrewdrawnto forgetforgotforgotten
to dreamdreamtdreamtto forgiveforgaveforgiven
to drinkdrankdrunkto freezefrozefrozen
to drivedrovedrivento getgotgot
to dwelldweltdweltto givegavegiven
to eatateeatento gowentgone
to fallfellfallento grindgroundground
to feedfedfedto growgrewgrown
to feelfeltfeltto hanghunghung
to fightfoughtfoughtto havehadhad
to findfoundfoundto hearheardheard
to fleefledfled

Recording 3

to hidehidhiddento leaveleftleft
to hithithitto lendlentlent
to holdheldheldto letletlet
to hurthurthurtto lielaylain
to keepkeptkeptto lightlitlit
to kneelkneltkneltto loselostlost
to knowknewknownto makemademade
to laylaidlaidto meanmeantmeant
to leadledledto meetmetmet
to leanleantleantto paypaidpaid
to leapleaptleaptto putputput
to learnlearntlearnt

Recording 4

to quitquitquitto showshowedshown
to readreadreadto shrinkshrankshrunk
to ridridridto shutshutshut
to rideroderiddento singsangsung
to ringrangrungto sinksanksunk
to riseroserisento sitsatsat
to runranrunto sleepsleptslept
to sawsawedsawnto slideslidslid
to saysaidsaidto slingslungslung
to seesawseento slinkslunkslunk
to seeksoughtsoughtto slitslitslit
to sellsoldsoldto smellsmeltsmelt
to sendsentsentto sowsowedsown
to setsetsetto speakspokespoken
to sewsewedsewnto speedspedsped
to shakeshookshakento spellspeltspelt
to shearshearedshornto spendspentspent
to shedshedshedto spillspiltspilt
to shineshoneshoneto spitspatspat
to shoeshodshodto splitsplitsplit
to shootshotshotto spoilspoiltspoilt

Recording 5

to spreadspreadspreadto teachtaughttaught
to springsprangsprungto teartoretorn
to standstoodstoodto telltoldtold
to stealstolestolento thinkthoughtthought
to stickstuckstuckto throwthrewthrown
to stingstungstungto thrustthrustthrust
to stinkstankstunkto treadtrodtrodden
to stridestrodestriddento understandunderstoodunderstood
to strikestruckstruckto wakewokewoken
to stringstrungstrungto wearworeworn
to strivestrovestrivento weavewovewoven
to swearsworeswornto weepweptwept
to sweepsweptsweptto winwonwon
to swellswelledswollento windwoundwound
to swimswamswumto wringwrungwrung
to swingswungswungto writewrotewritten
to taketooktaken


Find the missing word.

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1. Have you ever (to meet) this man before?

2. Yesterday I (to bring) a cake to my aunt.

3. It was written on the door : 'English (to speak) in this store.'

4. My keys have been (to steal) !!!!

5. I have been (to tell) you were the best at mathematics!

6. My neighbour (to pay) cash for his house three years ago.

7. The phone (to ring) but she was out.

8. Last week she (to wear) an awful blue dress!

9. We (to go) to the cinema with Paul last night.

10. I have (to write) a lot of poems.

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