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Checking adjectives

Choose the right answer.There are a few words in French. Simply ignore them.

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English exercise "Checking adjectives" created by lili73 with The test builder. [More lessons & exercises from lili73]
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Choose the right answer
                                               un adjectif épithète se place avant le nom 
Mark is . Jim is A tortoise is  A horse is . This boy is . This girl is .


Mark is a .

Jim is a . It's a . It's a . He is a . She is .


Find the adjective in each sentence
Betty is a very beautiful girl.
This bunch of flowers smells nice.
The teacher told us to sit down and be quiet.
This coffee is too hot, I can't drink it.
A camel is strong enough to cross the desert.


Find the opposite of each adjective
      loud              soft         clean        curly         sour


Put the adjectives in the right order
il y a des règles. Une indication: les adjectifs exprimant un jugement subjectif précèdent les autres
I've just read book about the UFOs.
We have visited castle in Scotland.
My mother cooked a cake for my birthday.
That lady is my cousin Sarah.
Dick is a dog.


Choose the correct comparative form
               exemple : high => higher /useful => more useful ...than
(big)=> An elephant is a cat.
(lazy) => Fred is his sister.
(far) => The sun is the moon.
(good) => Jack is good at English but Jimmy is .
(difficult) => My exercise is yours.


Choose the correct superlative form

    exemple : high => the highest / important => the most important
(good) =»  It's day of my life.
(hot) =»  August is month of the year.
(famous) =»  New York is city in the United States.
(funny) =»  Sonia is girl in the class.
(bad) =»  thing there was the food.



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