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 Short adjectives 

1 syllable + 2 syllables ending in -y.

old, small, fast, hot, short

happy, easy, funny


Add -er:

long > longer

deep > deeper

tall > taller

John is taller than Mike.



> adjectives containing ONE syllable and ending in: consonant-vowel-consonant

fat > fatter

My house is bigger than yours.


> -y + -ER = -IER

happy > happier


 Long adjectives


All the other adjectives

pleasant, modern

beautiful, intelligent, expensive



interesting, more interesting

Mary is more intelligent than Pat.



Please note:


 Irregular comparatives


Good> better

Bad> worse

Far> farther OR further



 A few rare adjectives can use both systems:

clever >cleverer OR more clever

quiet > quieter OR more quiet



Exercise :

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1. He said his house was (big) than mine.

2. This exercise is (easy) than the one we did yesterday.

3. John is good at sports and he is (strong) than Peter.

4. That house is smaller than this one but it is (expensive).

5. If you want to pass your exam you'll have to work (hard).

6. The weather is (good) today than yesterday ; shall we go to the beach?

7. My new car is faster and (comfortable) than my previous car.

8. I changed my mobile phone because it was too hard to use, but the new one is (bad); it's awful.

9. The lessons are (difficult) now than they were last year.

10. I did not like that film very much; I hope the next one will be (funny).

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