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Expressions with the word THROW


  Come on! I am throwing a party.


Throw/cast caution to the wind(s) = to stop being careful and do something that you know has risks

Throw someone in at the deep end = to make someone deal with something difficult without preparing them for it

Have/throw a fit = to get very angry and shout or become violent

Throw down the gauntlet = to make it clear that you want to argue or fight with someone about something

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones = used for saying that people who have faults should not criticize other people for having the same faults

Throw/toss your hat into the ring = to announce officially that you are going to compete in an election, a competition, etc.

Throw yourself on someone’s mercy = to ask someone in authority to treat you in a kind way

Throw your money around = to spend money in a careless and obvious way

Throw something open = to make something available for everyone to see or take part in

Throw/put someone off the scent = to do something to stop somebody from finding you or discovering something

Throw/put a spanner in the works = to do something that suddenly stops a process or plan

Throw the book at someone = to punish someone very severely

Throw money down the drain = to waste money by spending it on something useles

Throw a party = to organize a party, especially in your own home

Throw a punch = to hit someone with your fist (=closed hand)

Throw your voice = to make your voice sound as if it is coming from somewhere else

Throw your weight about/around = to use your authority to tell other people what to do in a rude and unpleasant way

Throw in the towel = to admit that you have been defeated and stop trying

Not trust someone as far as you can throw them = to not trust someone at all

Throw a wobbly = to suddenly become very angry or upset

Throw someone to the wolves = to leave somebody to be roughly treated or criticized without trying to help or defend them


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1. That thrill ride looks so scary and dangerous! Let's and give it a try.

2. Hey Molly, how about we get some friends together and ?

3. Hey, don't ! There's still a chance that you will win!

4. If he buys that old used car, he's just .

5. The politician said he was going to be a candidate. I guess he's .

6. He just won a million dollars and all he does is to buying all kinds of stuff he doesn't need.

7. She loves to criticize everyone and everything but then she can't take any criticism at all: !

8. To , it is common to cross a body of water such as a river or a lake.

9. He is so dishonest, I would never trust him! I wouldn't !

10. My brother when he found out that I accidentally broke his toy.

11. We've supported him in the past in spite of his being guilty. Next time, we are going to .

12. Because he was a hardened career criminal, the judge decided to !

13. He's such a great ventriloquist. He can really very convincingly.

14. Just because he owns this building doesn't mean he can and be rude.

15. She was very apologetic about her misbehaviour so she .

16. Let's to the audience.

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