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Unreal Past

 Would Rather + Past Tense

 To talk about an action when we want someone to do something

 I would rather you didn't sleep all day.

 I would rather you came tomorrow.

Would Rather + Past Perfect

 To talk about past action

 I would rather you hadn't done that.

 I would rather he hadn't spent all his pocket money.

 Would Rather + Past Tense 

 In the sentences we use the Past Tense  but its meaning is present  or future moment.

 I would rather make a lemon cake now.

 I would rather you didn't make it.

 Would Rather + Than

 To make a choice

 Would you rather play tennis than go to the cinema?

 I would rather have tea than coffee.

After Would Rather we use the infinitive without ' to '.

The negative is : I would rather not ( do sth )

 I would rather walk. ( now )

 I would rather have gone.( past )

 I would rather you ate. ( now )

 I would rather you had been there. ( past )

If Only

To express regrets about the past or the present that we would like to change.

 If only I hadn't drunk so much, I wouldn't have said it.

 If only I didn't have so much homework I could read the book.

To talk about the past

If only I had known you were arriving.

If only I had studied harder when I was at school.

To complain

If only it would rain. My flowers are very dry.

If only she would be a better cook.

To express a hope or wish

If only I had a faster car.

If only I had more money.

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1. He would rather computer games than chess.

2. I 'd rather you your friends about my problems.It was unkind of you to say that.

3. My grandparents are living in England now. If only they here.

4. It's so cold in this room. I would rather here.

5. I would rather my grandparents yesterday than stayed at home in front of that boring movie.

6. I'd rather you in my house. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

7. I would rather you me before going to the pub yesterday.

8. If only I the money to travel with them around the world.

9. - Can I borrow your car? - I would rather you .

10. If only I so fast, I wouldn't have got a speeding ticket.

11. Would you rather here or go home?

12. I would rather my children something else.

13. If only I about your problems before I helped you.

14. If only it would . The ground is as dry as a bone.

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