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make an appointment

to organise a meeting with other persons

take a look

look at with attention, to examine

have a chat

to talk to someone for a short time

do somebody a favour

 to do something for someone to help  or to be kind to them

have fun

 to enjoy oneself mainly from an activity that is not very serious

take advantage of something

to make  use of a situation or opportunity

make an exception

to treat someone or something in a different way as per normal

do time

to spend time in prison ( as a prisoner )

take chances / take a chance

to do something in a risky manner

take notes

to write something down

make a decision

to decide ( a choice )

do badly

  to do something in a way that is not successfu

have a heart

to be kind, compassionate, merciful

have a word with

to have conversation with someone privately

do one's best

to perform an activity as well as possible

do well

to do something in one's or everybody's best interest


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1. I've on my exam.This makes me the happiest person in the world.

2. Don't be afraid of changing your job. and you won't regret it!

3. , please! Are you coming with me to the disco club tonight or not?

4. I will for you but only this one time!

5. and lend me twenty dollars, will you? I will pay you back in four days.

6. Eva was very devastated because she in her English exam yesterday.

7. I need to with Doctor Johnson. When is he free?

8. at that girl in the red skirt. She is Robert's sister, isn't she?

9. Please, and help to choose an engagement ring for my girlfriend.

10. I'm sure I will at their wedding reception.

11. You should the opportunity and accept this job.

12. Pablo's grandfather was a great doctor and he for his patients.

13. Our English teacher doesn't like it when we don't in class.

14. I need to with you. Will you be at home tonight?

15. He is accused of taking bribes and has been since last April.

16. Last Sunday I met my old pal and we .

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