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Negative constructions

Everybody knows "not". Other negative constructions are possible. Because English does not allow double or triple negatives, it is important to avoid using "not" with other negative constructions. When "not" is included, use the affirmative forms of other adverbs:

No more / not... any more

  • I want no more of your money
  • I don't want any more of your money.

No one / not... anyone

  • No one called tonight.
  • I don't want to see anyone tonight.

Never / not... ever

  • She never wants to see him again.
  • She doesn't ever want to see him again.

Nothing / not... anything

  • He does nothing at all.
  • Can't you do anything right?

Nowhere / not... anywhere

  • Where are you going? -- Nowhere.
  • I don't want to go anywhere.

Not a single / not... a single

  • Not a single letter arrived today.
  • He doesn't have a single idea what we're doing.

Neither... nor...

  • We neither ate nor drank during the ceremony.
  • I like neither tomatoes nor zucchini.

Only (always placed before the element one whichs to limit):

  • She only has seven dollars.
  • We were only playing.
  • They were the only ones to come

TEST - Build a sentence with these words:
1. all - at - he - bought - hasn't - anything
2. like - meat - I - nor - neither - vegetables.
3. anywhere - we - don't - go - to - want


ANSWERS 1. He hasn't bought anything at all. 2. I like neither vegetables nor meat. 3. We don't want to go anywhere.