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Other interrogative words


> When?
I bought a new car yesterday. When did you buy a new car?

> Where?
I went to Paris. Where did you go to?

> How much + Singular / How many + Plural
I ate two apples. How many apples did you eat?

> Why? I went to the hospital because I was ill. Why did you go the hospital?

> Which

when a choice must be made between 2 things:

  • Which film do you want to see? "Impossible Mission" or "Pretty Woman"?
  • Here are two pizzas. Which one do you prefer?


Ask a question about the underlined words:

  1. I saw that movie in a big cinema.
  2. I will see my girlfriend next summer.
  3. I would like to buy three bottles of milk.
  4. I love this film because I love Tom Cruise.
  5. About last week's lesson (revision)...

  6. Sandra stole my keys!
  7. I ate a big cake.
  8. I spoke to Sarah.



1. Where did you see that movie? 2. When will your see your girlfriend? 3. How many bottles of milk would you like to buy? 4. Why do you love this film? 5. Who stole your keys? 6. What did you eat? 7. Who did you speak to? To whom did you speak?