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Non-defining relative clauses


Subject who which
Object who, whom which
Possessive whose whose, of which



Frank Zappa, who was one of the most creative artists in rock 'n roll, came from California.

Frank invited Janet, who (whom) he had met in Japan, to the party.
Peter brought his favorite antique book, which he had found at a flee market, to show his friends.


Olympia, whose name is taken from the Greek, is the capitol of Washington State.

The singer, whose most recent recording has had much success, is signing autographs.
The artist, whose name he could not remember, was one of the best he had ever seen.


>> NOTE:
In non-defining relative clauses, which can be used to refer to an entire clause.

Example: He came for the weekend wearing only some shorts and a t-shirt, which was a stupid thing to do.


Choose the right pronoun:
1. The girl, _____________ is sitting on the bench, is called Sarah.
2. The dog, _____________ John has just bought, is very clever.
3. The actor, _____________ films are very famous, is very happy.


Build 1 sentence with a relative clause:
4. Peter has met his girlfriend. She is a journalist.
5. His house is located near London. It very large.
6. Peter has just bought a car. He has found it abroad..


1. who - 2. which - 3. whose - 4. Peter has met his girlfriend, who is a journalist. - 5. His house, which is located near London, is very large. - 6. Peter has just bought a car, which he has found abroad.