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> "this" is used for an object (singular) which is near the interlocutor.

Example: This book is the best book on Earth.

> Plural : "these" (several objects).

Example: These books are the best books on Earth.

> "that" is used for one object (singular) which is far from the interlocutor..

Example: That is his car over there.

> Plural : those (several objects)

Example: Those are his toys over there.

> "there" is used for one object (singular) which exists - or "is" (near to us).

Example: There is (There's) a table next to the window.

> Plural: "there are"

Example: There are many of my friends at the party tonight.

John: Could you please give me ________ (1) record on the table over there?
Mike: Do you want ____________ (2) record here?
John: Yes, ________ (3) record.
Mike: Here you are. Oh, could you give me ________ (4) pens on the table over there?
John: _________ (5) ? Sure, here you are.



ANSWERS 1. that 2. this 3. that 4. those 5. These