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    Exercise "Forms of verbs", created by here4u (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 2 966 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 63 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): colocolo / FRANCE, on Tuesday 07 February - 11:42:
    "Thanks again...!"

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (2966 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 70.4 %
    Until a year ago, I (never/ fly)* with a baby. It was a transatlantic flight, and

    Question 2 passed: 41.2 %
    it (be/last)* for at least 7 hours! Being very practical,

    Question 3 passed: 71.2 %
    I (prepare)* 3 clean baby bottles, the can with the formula, and a lot of clean nappies and underwear in advance.

    Question 4 passed: 67.4 %
    Of course, after checking in, but before boarding, the security (reject)* the mineral water necessary to get the bottles ready and I was worried :

    Question 5 passed: 51.6 %
    They had told me the water (be/provide)* on the plane for free ...

    Question 6 passed: 72.2 %
    Two hours after taking off, Teddy (start /squirm)*. He was obviously hungry.

    Question 7 passed: 62.4 %
    When I (ask)* for the mineral water, the flight attendant

    Question 8 passed: 70.3 %
    immediately (bring)* a bottle of sparkling water. He said he was sorry,

    Question 9 passed: 72.9 %
    but the packs of Ted's usual brand (be/crush)*

    Question 10 passed: 53.6 %
    during the take off and (cannot/ drink)*.

    Question 11 passed: 63.3 %
    Ted (have/drink)* sparkling milk, or do without it.

    Question 12 passed: 78.6 %
    When I (try)* to give Little Ted a bottle of 'sparkling milk',

    Question 13 passed: 68.1 %
    he (start /shriek)*

    Question 14 passed: 63.1 %
    and (wriggle)* like mad! 'He won't like champagne,' I thought!

    Question 15 passed: 52.5 %
    I (providentially /bring)* his pacifier and

    Question 16 passed: 49.9 %
    he (suck)* it eagerly

    Question 17 passed: 67.4 %
    as I (may/pace)* along the corridor, cuddling him to help him fall asleep.

    Question 18 passed: 62.4 %
    He (do)*... like an angel.

    Question 19 passed: 70.3 %
    When we landed, it was the first time he (sleep)* for 7 hours in a row without a bottle! Well done, Teddy! Welcome to the USA !

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