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    Learn English > English lessons & exercises > Mary Maloney 2 and forms of verbs > Stats updated every 4 hours
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    Exercise "Mary Maloney 2 and forms of verbs", created by here4u (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 3 843 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 62.5 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): colocolo / FRANCE, on Wednesday 22 February - 14:12:
    "Thanks again...!"

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (3843 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 75.2 %
    'A leg of lamb'! It was the first thing that she had seen ... well wrapped in grease-proof paper in the freezer. She (seize)* it with both hands - it was so heavy -

    Question 2 passed: 79.4 %
    and Mary (look)* at it

    Question 3 passed: 62.5 %
    'as if she (be)* being controlled by a remote-control, by a tremendous force

    Question 4 passed: 72.3 %
    that she (not + can)* overcome. It was incomprehensible.

    Question 5 passed: 71.2 %
    Like a zombie, she shuffled into the living room. Patrick (gather)* important papers before going away.

    Question 6 passed: 67.7 %
    He (not/even/look up)* when she called him...

    Question 7 passed: 38.6 %
    Suddenly, as if in a daze, she came in, stood behind him like a ghost, and (swing)* the heavy, frozen club behind his head.

    Question 8 passed: 53.4 %
    There was a thud ! It all happened in an instant! He (die)*!

    Question 9 passed: 60.1 %
    She (feel/still) * as if she were under a spell,

    Question 10 passed: 54 %
    and the heavy leg of lamb (weigh) * down her arm ... Without thinking further,

    Question 11 passed: 57.2 %
    Mary went back to her kitchen, mechanically (unwrap)* the frozen meat, put it into the oven, and went out for vegetables.

    Question 12 passed: 54.4 %
    Mary wondered if Mr Green (notice)* anything abnormal in her demeanor and behaviour.

    Question 13 passed: 57.6 %
    She (not/speak)* to him since the preceding week. He wasn't surprised to see her smiling calmly.

    Question 14 passed: 43.7 %
    She simply explained that it was the first time Patrick (refuse)* to go out on a Thursday : he was so exhausted.

    Question 15 passed: 36 %
    She (cook)* for him, and left the little shop, still smiling, with her vegetables.

    Question 16 passed: 54.3 %
    When she arrived home, she yelled Patrick's name,(for the neighbours to hear her), knocked down a lamp and a few chairs, and staged a robbery, (scatter)* files and papers and then, called the police ... They arrived a few minutes later! ...

    Question 17 passed: 67.8 %
    Mary (devastate)*. The investigation was proceeding slowly and meticulously ... Mary mechanically stated her alibi ...

    Question 18 passed: 67.4 %
    The detectives (desperately/ look)* for the murder weapon, convinced it couldn't be far! They searched the house, in vain!

    Question 19 passed: 70.4 %
    In the meantime, complaining that she was so shaken that she couldn't eat anything, the pregnant woman had insisted that Patrick would (want)* his colleagues to have some dinner ! Soon, the tired and hungry detectives were enjoying their meal ...the roasted leg of lamb !

    Question 20 passed: 65.4 %
    In the living room, by herself, Mary (giggle)* softly!

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