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    Exercise "A short story", created by bridg (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 4 856 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 57 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): ploplo / SWITZERLAND, on Thursday 28 March - 16:07:
    "Thanks a lot for the exxercise!!"

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (4042 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 66 %
    Dinah is one of the most good-natured children that * lived,

    Question 2 passed: 64.5 %
    but she is very, very lazy. There is * she likes,

    Question 3 passed: 58.9 %
    or * to like,

    Question 4 passed: 52.3 %
    so * as to curl up in some warm corner in the sun and do nothing.

    Question 5 passed: 41.6 %
    Dinah's mother wished very much that her child * learn to read,

    Question 6 passed: 54.8 %
    but the lady who tried to teach her soon * it up.

    Question 7 passed: 59.5 %
    'It is no use,' she said, 'Dinah will not learn. She * not a stupid child, but she is too lazy for anything.'

    Question 8 passed: 58.1 %
    It happened, soon after this that a young man * Massachusetts came to the house where Dinah lived.

    Question 9 passed: 52.5 %
    He brought with him something no one else in the neighbourhood had * before--a pair of roller-skates.

    Question 10 passed: 52.5 %
    When Dinah saw the young man going rapidly up and down the piazza on * skates

    Question 11 passed: 59.3 %
    she was so * she hardly knew what to think.

    Question 12 passed: 60.9 %
    She ran after him * a cat,

    Question 13 passed: 53.7 %
    her black eyes shining as they had never * before.

    Question 14 passed: 57.9 %
    One day the young man * her to try on the skates.

    Question 15 passed: 59.6 %
    The child was * happy for words.

    Question 16 passed: 51.7 %
    Of course she fell down, and sprawled * the floor, but did not mind at all.

    Question 17 passed: 52.6 %
    'Look here, Dinah,' said the young man, 'I understand that my aunt has been * to teach you to read.'

    Question 18 passed: 49.1 %
    Dinah answered that she certainly *.

    Question 19 passed: 58.9 %
    'Why didn't you learn?' * the young man.

    Question 20 passed: 44 %
    'You need not trouble to answer,' said he, 'it was just because you are too lazy. Now, *, on the first of January, you can read, I tell you what I will do.

    Question 21 passed: 56 %
    I will * you as good a pair of roller-skates as I can buy in Boston.'

    Question 22 passed: 52.4 %
    How Dinah's eyes snapped. For * moment she said nothing,

    Question 23 passed: 56.6 %
    then exclaimed decidedly, ' * those skates, sure.'

    Question 24 passed: 48.4 %
    And she did. When she bent her mind on her work she * always do it well, no matter what it was.

    Question 25 passed: 60.9 %
    The lady who had before this found her * difficult child to teach, now had no trouble.

    Question 26 passed: 58.5 %
    If Dinah showed the least sign of her former laziness the word SKATES! was enough * make her bend her mind on her lesson instantly.

    Question 27 passed: 45.6 %
    On New Year's * morning she received a box marked in large printed letters:

    Question 28 passed: 53.9 %
    MISS DINAH MORRIS, /Care of Mrs. Lawrence Delaney, NEW ORLEANS, LA. If she can read * is on the outside of this box she can have what is inside.

    Question 29 passed: 45.7 %
    And as Dinah read every word plainly and quickly, of course she had * her very own the fine roller-skates the box held.

    Question 30 passed: 43.1 %
    And now sitting curled up in the sun, doing nothing, * not the thing she likes to do best.

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