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    Exercise "Town and country", created by sidou77 (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 1 175 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 35 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): ploplo / SWITZERLAND, on Friday 25 April - 11:39:
    "Thanks a lot for the exercise!!"

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (625 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 35.5 %
    The roads into the city are often heavily (conjested) * with traffic.

    Question 2 passed: 45.1 %
    London is a vibrant, (cosmapolitan) * city with people from all over the world.

    Question 3 passed: 40 %
    In some cities, (poorverty) * and unemployment are increasing at an alarming rate.

    Question 4 passed: 25.4 %
    The problem of crime in our (inter) * cities is very worrying.

    Question 5 passed: 38.7 %
    In many villages there has been a declining rate of (populate) * growth.

    Question 6 passed: 30.2 %
    The town's (amenites) * include a library, several restaurants and large leisure centre.

    Question 7 passed: 31 %
    In order for a city to function properly, it needs to have a good public-transport (interstructure) *.

    Question 8 passed: 19.4 %
    There isn't much (anonymous) * in a small village: everybody knows who you are and what you're doing.

    Question 9 passed: 29.9 %
    I find that most city (habitants) * are rather unfriendly or have very little time for other people.

    Question 10 passed: 22.6 %
    Finding suitable (acommodation) * in the city can be a big problem.

    Question 11 passed: 26.4 %
    A lot of the parking spaces in town are for local (residence) * only.

    Question 12 passed: 20.8 %
    Because house prices in the city centre are so expensive, many people choose to live in the (suburbia) * around the city.

    Question 13 passed: 21.9 %
    It can be very (stressing) * to live in a busy city.

    Question 14 passed: 29.9 %
    The idea that the countryside is (peacefully) * is not always true.

    Question 15 passed: 36.6 %
    I would rather live in a (rurral) * community than in a large town.

    Question 16 passed: 33.3 %
    In some (urbane) * areas, crime and drugs are a major problem.

    Question 17 passed: 29.3 %
    The town is a much nicer place now that cars have been banned and (pedastrian) * precincts established in the centre.

    Question 18 passed: 20 %
    Every morning, trains are packed with (commutators) * coming into the city to work.

    Question 19 passed: 16 %
    As more and more people have (emigrated) * from the villages to the cities, the countryside has become virtually deserted.

    Question 20 passed: 31 %
    Many cities are real (meltin) * pots, with people from different races, countries and social classes living and working together.

    Question 21 passed: 21.4 %
    I'm not sure if city (dwellings) * are happier than those living in the countryside.

    Question 22 passed: 32.5 %
    Traffic during the (rushed) * hour is particularly bad.

    Question 23 passed: 21.6 %
    In an attempt to (revival) * the city's economy, tourism is being heavily promoted.

    Question 24 passed: 16 %
    Pesticides and other chemicals used in (cultivate) * have practically poisoned large areas of the countryside.

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