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    Exercise "Detective story", created by lili73 (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 6 062 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 48 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): caramel04 / MOROCCO, on Sunday 05 September - 12:00:
    "I did it!!"

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (4765 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 29.9 %
    {15531.gif}___DAY 1___ On the day of their arrival, AFTER DINNER,T. Marston is the first to die. He * on poisoned whisky.{15577.jpg}__(9 people still alive)

    Question 2 passed: 60.1 %
    {15549.gif}___DAY 2___THE NEXT MORNING Mrs Rogers never wakes up, she has received a fatal * of sleeping drugs.{15579.jpg}(8 people)

    Question 3 passed: 28.2 %
    {15544.gif}AT LUNCHTIME General MacArthur is found dead from a * to the back of his head.{15580.jpg}__ (7 people)

    Question 4 passed: 48 %
    There is nobody else on the island,no means of communication.The survivors realize that the * must be one of them.

    Question 5 passed: 48.3 %
    {15542.gif}___DAY 3___IN THE MORNING Rogers is found in the woodshed his head * in halves by an axe.{15581.jpg}(6 people)

    Question 6 passed: 88.4 %
    {15550.jpg}AFTER BREAKFAST E. Brent dies from * of potassium cyanide, a mark like the sting of a bee can be seen on her neck.{15578.jpg}__(5 people)

    Question 7 passed: 28.8 %
    IN THE EVENING V.Claytone goes to her room and feels a cold hand touch her neck. It is a seaweed hung from the ceiling, perhaps to * her to death. She screams, the others come running to her aid except...

    Question 8 passed: 41.1 %
    {15539.gif} Judge Wargrave . He is lying in the sitting-room with a red mark on his forehead. Dr Armstrong says he is dead, he has been * through the head{15582.jpg}(4 people)

    Question 9 passed: 52.3 %
    {15545.gif}AT NIGHT Dr Armstrong *. The three survivors search for him and can't find him.{15584.jpg}(3 people)

    Question 10 passed: 36.7 %
    {15535.gif} ___DAY 4___ IN THE MORNING V.Claytone and Lombard hear a strange noise, they find Blore with his head * by a heavy clock that has fallen from the second floor.{15585.jpg}(2 people)

    Question 11 passed: 38.7 %
    They think that the doctor has killed Blore, but when they find Armstrong's body *,in the sea, at the bottom of the cliffs

    Question 12 passed: 37.1 %
    {15543.gif} they realize that they are the only two left. Each of them assumes the other to be the murderer. V.Claytone manages to take Lombard's gun and * him dead on the beach {15582.jpg}(1 person)

    Question 13 passed: 43.3 %
    {15540.gif}Vera returns to the house, when she gets to her room she discovers a noose hanging there with a chair under it. Having been driven mad by the events she * herself, kicking the chair out from under her. {15587.jpg}(and then there were none)

    Question 14 passed: 35.8 %
    {15590.jpg}but this chair is found * against the wall when Inspector Maine enters the room. He says 'Although one of the guests MUST have been the killer, none of them COULD have been'

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