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    Apprendre English > Leçons & Exercices English > Verbes à particule > Statistiques mises à jour toutes les 4h
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    Exercice "Verbes à particule", créé par hidalgo (exercice gratuit pour apprendre English):
    Résultats des 1 653 personnes qui ont passé ce test :
    Moyenne : 64.5% (12.9 / 20) Partager

    Dernier membre à avoir fait un sans faute : ploplo / SUISSE, le mardi 07 octobre 2014 à 11:28:
    "Thanks a lot for the exercise!!"
    30% ont eu moins de la moyenne
    70% ont eu au moins la moyenne
    Tous les membres qui ont obtenu un 20/20 à ce test

    Statistiques questions sur 761 candidats
    Question 1 réussie à 59.4 %
    {15934.gif}As there wasn't much meat, I had to * with vegetables.

    Question 2 réussie à 58.3 %
    {15913.gif}The race had been so exhausting that the horses were *.

    Question 3 réussie à 56.1 %
    {15934.gif}They had been living beyond their means for such a long time that it was urgent that they should * their expenses.

    Question 4 réussie à 73.3 %
    {15913.gif}He had been really shocked and I was sure it would take him a long time to * it.

    Question 5 réussie à 71.7 %
    {15934.gif}After all the efforts you've made, you should not * now. It would be a great pity !

    Question 6 réussie à 60.3 %
    {15913.gif}There were too many books on the floor. They had to be * to tidy the room up.

    Question 7 réussie à 84.4 %
    {15934.gif}It is very hot ! You should * the heating!

    Question 8 réussie à 60.3 %
    {15913.gif}Their mother told them that she wouldn't * their disobedience any longer.

    Question 9 réussie à 52.7 %
    {15934.gif}The strike was * because the claims of the workers had been taken into consideration.

    Question 10 réussie à 63.7 %
    {15913.gif}The train stops to * passengers.

    Question 11 réussie à 65.4 %
    {15934.gif}I highly recommend you to * a few notes during his speech.

    Question 12 réussie à 35.9 %
    {15913.gif}I feel uncomfortable in my new shoes. Don't worry ! You will * their stiffness after just some days' walk.

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