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    Apprendre English > Leçons & Exercices English > Adjectif / Nom + préposition > Statistiques mises à jour toutes les 4h
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    Exercice "Adjectif / Nom + préposition", créé par lili73 (exercice gratuit pour apprendre English):
    Résultats des 52 843 personnes qui ont passé ce test :
    Moyenne : 67% (13.4 / 20) Partager

    Dernier membre à avoir fait un sans faute : jac73 / FRANCE, le jeudi 25 mai 2017 à 11:06:
    "Thank you"
    25.6% ont eu moins de la moyenne
    74.5% ont eu au moins la moyenne
    Tous les membres qui ont obtenu un 20/20 à ce test

    Statistiques questions sur 39992 candidats
    Question 1 réussie à 73.7 %
    1. {19753.gif} Tom is disappointed * his new car.

    Question 2 réussie à 67.1 %
    2. I have been married * Sonia for over ten years. {19396.gif}

    Question 3 réussie à 74.8 %
    3.{19399.gif} Mark says he is interested * UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object).

    Question 4 réussie à 63.5 %
    4. Look at Peter! He is very good * repairing things. {19400.gif}

    Question 5 réussie à 71.4 %
    5.Suzan is angry * herself for breaking the vase . {19470.jpg}

    Question 6 réussie à 57 %
        Nom + Préposition                                                                              I am not making fun of you, I just admire what you are doing. an excuse for  (not coming)                         have interest in  (learning English)           have pity on have a reputation for  (being strict)           have confidence in  (a friend)                    play a joke on have a talent for  (acting)                             make progress in  (math)                           an attack on   a lack of  (information)                                  pay attention to                have an addiction to make fun of  (sb)                                            a reply to  (a letter) take care of  (children)                                 an objection to  (a boyfriend coming at home) 6. Is Mark trying to fight his addiction * alcohol?

    Question 7 réussie à 49.4 %
    7. {19471.jpg} Is he really an alien? Sonia wondered if the others were playing a joke * her.

    Question 8 réussie à 76.7 %
    8. {19472.jpg} -What's your excuse * being late this time?- I missed the bus.

    Question 9 réussie à 64 %
    9. {14185.gif} If you don't pay close attention * the traffic lights you will never pass your driving test.

    Question 10 réussie à 63.3 %
    10.{17629.gif} Does this lack * progress mean that Bob doesn't work enough?

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