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    Learn English > English lessons & exercises > Goliath bird-eating spider > Stats updated every 4 hours
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    Exercise "Goliath bird-eating spider", created by tizeph (a free exercise to learn English):
    Results of the 661 people who have taken this test:
    Average mark: 53.5 / 100 Share

    Latest member with a 100/100 (perfect mark): sizun / FRANCE, on Friday 04 July - 16:31:
    "Interesting exercise. A bit creepy though..."

    They got a perfect mark

    Stats (661 candidates)
    Question 1 passed: 58.5 %
    Here it comes. Absolutely dripping sweat here. Look at the size of those * !

    Question 2 passed: 67.5 %
    I've never seen anything this big before and I've been catching tarantulas for well over a *. This is the largest tarantula in the world. The Goliath bird-eating spider.

    Question 3 passed: 50.4 %
    They're remarkably canny and *. Getting her out into the open takes infinite patience and care. Every member of the crew holds their breath. Once she's out, the machete provides a safe block to keep her from disappearing into her burrow.

    Question 4 passed: 66.4 %
    Well done, mate. The burrow can be many metres deep. If she ran now, we'd have to wait hours for another chance. I'm going to be very * with her, because this is a very old and very special spider.

    Question 5 passed: 58.4 %
    This is definitely a female and the females of this particular spider can get to be 25, even 30 years old. So she's *. Come on, old girl. There you are. Now we can get a proper sense of the size of you. This spider's venom wouldn't kill me, but you really don't want to get bitten by those gigantic fangs.

    Question 6 passed: 34.3 %
    She does, however, have another form of defence that I've got to be really careful of. That kicking her leg against her abdomen, sending hairs up into the air, if those get into your eyes or nose, the back of your throat, it can be very irritating and * and it's actually the spider's primary method of getting rid of an attacker, despite the fact that it has gigantic fangs.

    Question 7 passed: 36.5 %
    She's got fangs that are about as long as a cheetah's * and a good deal sharper. She could give me a really, really nasty bite, so I just want to be ever so careful. This is the Goliath bird-eating spider. Goliath was a giant in the Bible and this is a giant among spiders. Now, although they certainly are capable of it, birds don't actually form a large part of their diet.

    Question 8 passed: 44.3 %
    Most of what they'll eat are rats and mice, lizards and crickets, invertebrates. But really they will take almost anything that's unlucky enough to * past their burrow.

    Question 9 passed: 60.1 %
    Look at the size of her! And I can feel those hairs that she kicked up into the air and I can feel in the back of my throat and I want to * but it's not really a good time to cough with that on your hands.

    Question 10 passed: 31.2 %
    As she relaxes, she decides to go for a wander, and though it's still a little nervy, I think I've * this spider's trust. They really are very, very impressive. Look at that, as the comes over the top of my finger. It's something that never ceases to amaze me. This is an invertebrate, this animal doesn't have a backbone. It's brain is absolutely tiny, but every single one of these spiders has their own individual personality.

    Question 11 passed: 24.2 %
    Some of them are incredibly easy to handle. Others of them will bite almost instantly. Some of them will wander over your hand quite happily. Other of them, you really think that, you know, it's quite *, and any second, they could sink their fangs into you. This one here is kind of in the middle.

    Question 12 passed: 56.6 %
    She's been kicking hairs quite frantically and I don't know I think I'm probably quite close to getting a bite, which is why I'm * so much. The Goliath bird-eating spider, one of the true giants of the Amazon and an absolute cert for the Deadly 60. The biggest spider in the world. A monster that doesn't only eat crickets and cockroaches but mice, frogs, lizards, and, yes, even birds. The Goliath bird-eating spider. Deadly.

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