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    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #108480: Dream and Back to reality 2/2
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    Dream and Back to reality 2/2

    Remember, the tense of narration is the simple past .

    ex: Alison came to this Pacific Island because it was the dream of her life. 


    * The - ing forms

    -  express  an action happening, in the  present ( present in -ing), or in the past ( preterite ou past perfect in -ing) at the moment of the narration. 

    ex: Agustin was bringing food and drinks to the rich tourists who were having a holiday in the sun.

    - They are compulsory after prepositions and particles (adverbs) following some verbs : 

    ex: Agustin didn't want to go on being a servant all his life

     * IMPORTANT !  If an action happened before a simple past, it must be in the past perfect simple (or in the past perfect in -ing if we want to insist on the duration of the action) =>

     had + verb in the past participle  or  had + been + verb + ing  

    ex: Before their departure from the USA, Alison's friend Liz, had been taken to hospital. 


    * If you need to use a modal auxiliary  can => could  indicate a physical or intellectual ability, a capacity, and a permission in informal language.

      and may(=> might) express either a permission or a possibility.

      must(=> have to) indicate either an obligation, a duty, or near certainty.

                                                             should  expresses advice given or 'what would be good to exist' ...

     ex: Alison shouldn't order expensive drinks or food... She can't afford them! 



    * You'll need some precise vocabulary concerning several fields: 

    A) The vocabulary of waves and sea water. 

    - a wave = a swelling on the surface of the sea, a ripple= a small wave, slack sea = the flat surface of the sea 'at rest',  a breaker = a huge wave which explodes ; a roller = a wave forming a roll

    - spray = tiny droplets of sea-water ,  foam = a frothy form of water. 

    - to surge, to swell= to become bigger and bigger ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    damp= humid; wet= covered with liquid; soaked, drenched= very wet;  drowned= (like) dead in water. 

     B) Verbs expressing willpower                                                                    

    to have wishes to desire
    and desires : to wish
    opposed to 'to be reluctant'  to be willing to
    to want very very much to crave
    to be impatient to  to be eager to
    to want something very strongly  to long for
    to wait impatiently to look forward to      
    to want very strongly to yearn for

    C) Verbs expressing screams and shouts:

    to cry loudly, openlyto cry out 
    to cry very loudly                     to scream                 
    to scream very loud and highto shout
    to cry (an acute sound)to shriek
    to cry (a piercing sound)to shrill
    to howlto yell
    to yell (US)to holler (US)


    D) Vocabulaire : Throwing... 

    to throw  (net)         to cast, (I cast, cast)
    to castto throw, (I threw, thrown)
    to throw violentlyto fling, (I flung, flung)
    to fling violentlyto hurl 



    Well well! You must be ready to do the test, now ... Use the elements you have learnt in the lesson ! (Do not hesitate to have a pause, and save your work, of course!) Good luck!  

    This text was freely inspired by The Beach-butler, by Ruth Rendell. 

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    English exercise "Dream and Back to reality 2/2" created by here4u with The test builder. [More lessons & exercises from here4u]
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    Continued ...
    Two days later, she was both eager to see Agustin again, and unconcerned...
    After swimming in the pool, she finally went to the beach and bathed. As back to her recliner, in the last seconds, a huge breaker had formed and broke onto her. She disappeared under a ton of water, which collapsed onto her, almost her... She fought, battled for her balance, tried to grasp a grip, kicking the sand, anything, felt a shell that she thrust into her bathing suit bra, and went on to rise to her feet again... Nobody or come to her rescue! Still drenched but getting back to her senses, she saw Agustin , and coming towards her with diet soda and crisps; 'That was a rough one! Lost nothing?...'
    She drank and drank avidly, and slowly her emotions. Then, she went to her room, took out what she for a shell, at first, and gaped admiringly, dumbfounded: in front of her astounded eyes was the most wonderful gold and diamond bracelet she had ever seen... After showering and having a rest, she went back to the beach and her treasure to Agustin who was quite mesmerized... They had sex again, very tenderly that time... He told her that he loved her, that they would live happily forever in Mexico or Rio or ..., she ... He loved her, he loved her so much... What a wonderful life ... She frowned...
    A minute later, she stood up, walked down to the Ocean up to her thighs, stopped... and hurled the bracelet into the water, as far and strongly as , then walked back to her hotel room... Agustin howled like a wounded animal and ran into the water, searching the sand, the waves, frantically, constantly, endlessly… He was still howling and madly when she reached her room...
    At that moment, she realised that he for her first name... She smirked...

    End of the free exercise to learn English: Dream and Back to reality 2/2
    A free English exercise to learn English.
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