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    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #118527: SMS language: abbreviations and acronyms
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    SMS language: abbreviations and acronyms

    In 2011, 2, 500 trillion SMS were sent throughout the whole world, and their number is developing in a dramatic way every year.





    Because, "with moderation" of course, you have to know how to use and understand ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS found in text messages (SMS: Short Message Service), on Social Networks and on the Internet, I felt we needed a "recreational lesson" for you... Please, promise me you won't overindulge in using these "words" and especially won't let them corrupt your spelling and grammar in English (as well as in French or any other language).   Please remember that they are not allowed on the forums of this site.



    Those messages shouldn't turn into riddles, or worse, into unsolvable puzzles;  therefore, you should remember the Abbreviations and Acronyms that you're likely to meet in your daily life. PICK and CHOOSE what you need and forget about the rest...

     BTW = by the way
     LOL = laugh out loud  
     BYOB  = bring your own bottle    
     GR8 = great! 
     ROFL = rolling on (the) floor laughing    
     TGIF = Thank God, it's Friday!
     HB2Y = Happy Birthday to You
     SOB = stressed out bad(ly)
     CTN = can't talk now
     2EZ = too easy... 
     2GTBT  = too good to be true
     2MTH = too much to handle
     2NYT = 2nite = tonight 
     IDK = I don't know
     TTUL = talk to you later
     xoxo = hugs and kisses


    The number of new ACRONYMS is developing dramatically. They're being used in every field of our daily life, in work ( business, industry and administration...) and in our private lives as well. 




     NNTR = No need to reply
     ZZZ = Feeling sleepy...
     M8 = mate= pal= friend 
     NE1 = anyone
     EOD = end of discussion
     COS/CUZ   = because
     CTN =  I Can't talk now
     CUS = See you soon 
     PAW = Parents are watching     
     PIR = Parents in room
     POS   = Parents over shoulder  

    Digits and LETTERS are often used to mean words... 

        2  4  B  C   I  O  R  U    Y
     to/ too  for  be  see  eye  owe  are  you 


    We have all kept in mind the famous IOU (I owe you...), the easily readable acknowledgement of a debt which was, alas, to swing open the way to so many slides and drifts... At that point, we have to try and decipher (and learn ) these modern pseudo-hieroglyphs keeping in mind, if possible that if our languages are tools of "self-expression", they must above all else remain tools of inter "communication". "Creators" as well as "users" mustn't encourage laziness and mystery too much...


     BRB  = be right back 
     N2S  = needless to say  
     AKA = also known as
     4YEO  = For your eyes only
     FYI = For your information
     FAQ = Frequently asked questions 
     RSVP  = "Répondez, s'il vous plaît."
     POV = Point of view
     SFLR = Sorry for late reply
     ASAP => asap = as soon as possible  






    Here is a little "Survival Guide" showing the opening of a world that is obviously going to develop (even though we may sincerely regret it). This trend will simplify, "create" a language which is claiming to be "convenient", "handy", but which will exclude those who don't know its bases and how it is operated. 

    Making this lesson, I have felt like "an archaeologist", digging around, like "an explorer", like someone helping you pass "an initiation ritual" to some secret knowledge...)    In a way, I  enjoyed it but have felt a tremendous frustration seeing what damages our languages are daily and repeatedly suffering... This remains my main feeling here, after the fun of the discovery; that's why the following test will only be "how to understand" these signs. It doesn't aim at helping you "create" such a language (too much )... Do not remain "quiet" or "knocked out"! Please, defend your languages and their great wealth... All our languages contain and hold our ways of thinking, which CANNOT, shouldn't, be pauperised too much or made to wither...! )

    Please, please, always keep in mind that I am "here4u"!  


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    English exercise "SMS language: abbreviations and acronyms" created by here4u with The test builder. [More lessons & exercises from here4u]
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    - Must go now CUS Pete

    - Document FYI // Private file 4YEO

    - Please, consult our FAQ before calling.

    - HB2Y Tom Ur a GR8 M8 Xoxo
    HB2Y Tom Ur a GR8 M8 xoxo

    - CTN PIR I'll call U asap
    CTN , PIR I'll call U asap

    - Don't share Ur POV Obey EOD Big Joe.
    Don't share your POV Obey EOD Big Joe

    End of the free exercise to learn English: SMS language: abbreviations and acronyms
    A free English exercise to learn English.
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