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    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #125369: Self-service shop
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    Self-service shop

    I) the boss and his/her employees:

    - security guard, guard, watchman.

    - butcher.

    - baker.

    - cashier, checkout assistant (UK), checkout operator.

    - pork butcher.

    - department supervisor, department manager, departmental supervisor, floor manager, floorwalker (US) = shop-floor supervisor.

    - dairyman, dairywoman.

    - shop employee (UK), store employee (US), General-duty clerk, service clerk, shelf-stocker, general employee, shop assistant/employee.

    - cheesemonger, cheese merchant.

    - merchandise assistant.

    - staff, personnel.

    - handler.

    - fishmonger, wholesale sea-fish merchant.

    - pastry chef, pâtissier (French), baker, confectioner.

    - fishmonger (UK), fish merchant (US).

    - versatile, skilful (UK), skillful (US).

    - multifaceted position.

    - sales assistant, shop assistant (UK), vendor (stand,kioske/camion), seller.

    - fruiterer (GB), fruit merchant (US), fruit seller, vegetable seller, greengrocer (UK), grocer, (UK), fruit and vegetable merchant, fruit and vegetable seller, fruit and veg merchant (UK), fruit and veg seller.

    II) checkout, till (UK).

    - on credit, on hire purchase, on HP (UK).

    - antitheft device.

    - scales, weighing scales (UK) ; scale, weighing scale (US).

    - banknote, note (UK), bill (US), greenback (US).

    - guarantee.

    - voucher, discount voucher ; gift certificate.

    - delivery note, delivery receipt.

    - discount voucher, coupon.

    - present.

    - debit card / credit card.

    - bank card, credit card.

    - loyalty card.

    - identity card.

    - cheque (UK), check (US).

    - customer, client.

    - PIN, PIN number, personal identification number.

    - cash reconciliation.

    - receipt, cashing.

    - take sb's payment.

    - cash (uncountable).

    - invoicing, billing.

    - bill, invoice. Receipt, payment advice, payment advice note, payment advice slip.

    - take sb's payment.

    - float (UK), change fund (US).

    - regular customer.

    - scratchcard, scratch card (UK), scratch ticket (US).

    - wad of notes, bundle of notes (UK) ; wad of bills, bundle of bills (US).

    - change.

    - pay for sth.

    - roll.

    - ink roller.

    - work the cash register.

    - receipt, cashier's receipt, till receipt (UK).

    III) In the shop:


    - consume within three days.

    - bill.

    - maturing.

    - French food safety.

    - by weight.

    - match prices / to bring sth into alignment with.

    - retail, vente au détail = retail, retail selling.

    - rotten, rotting, spoilt.

    - damage, breakages.

    - knife, knives (pluriel).

    - cheese rind.

    -  use-by date.

    - best before

    - end slice.

    - thick.

    - butter slicer.

    - finely, fine.

    - oven.

    - freshness.

    - cheese counter, cheese sold by weight / hard cheese / soft rind cheese / mature cheese (UK), aged cheese (US) /  unpasteurised cheese (UK), unpasteurized cheese (US) / blue cheese / runny cheese / cow's cheese / sheep's cheese, sheep's milk cheese, ewe's milk cheese / goat's cheese / farmhouse cheese, farm cheese, farmstead cheese (US).

    -  brawn, pork brawn, head cheese, head cheese pâté.

    - mincer, meat mincer (UK), meat cleaver (UK), (meat) grinder (US).

    - fruit and vegetable, fruits and vegetables.

    - food safety.

    - blade.

    -  slicer.

    - pâté.

    -  expired, past their sell-by date, that have gone off, out-of-date.

    - to weigh.

    - dish, plate, platter.

    - ready-cooked dish.

    - weight.

    - cheese grater.

    - fridge, refrigerator.

    - rotisserie.

    - rotisserie.

    - dried saussage.

    - heel (of a ham).

    - slice.

    - to slice, to cut.

    - slicer.

    - deli counter

    - counter.


    - bazaar, bric-a-brac shop, junk shop, general store.

    - bottle.

    - trolley, shopping trolley (UK); cart, shopping cart(US).

    - cardboard box, box.

    - bottle rack.

    - freezer, deep-freeze.

    - jar, tin (metal UK), can (metal), preserving jar

    - consumer, customer.

    - consumer.

    - to have, to eat, to drink, to consume.

    - hardware shop (UK), hardware store (US).

    - lighting, lights.

    - local shop, corner shop (UK) ; neighborhood store (US).

    - delicatessen.

    - shelf / shelving unit.

    - to be on the shelves.

    - facing, to line sth up, to put sth in a line, to align.

    - Gondole = display shelving.

    - establishment. 

    - shop (UK), store (US).

    - self-service.

    - (drinks like water, fruit juice, soda, sirup, beer, wine, alcohol) = fluids.

    - to put on the shelves.

    - pack.

    - basket (osier).

    -  failure (machine) ; power cut, power failure ; blackout  ; not to be working.

    - perfumery, perfumes.

    - budget, low cost.

    - catch sb red-handed = catch sb with his/her hand in the cookie jar (US), catch sb in the act.

    - presentation (plat), unveiling, revelation.

    - display stand, display unit.

    - be in a hurry, be in a rush.

    - price.

    - special offer.

    - advertisement.

    - queue ((UK) ; line (US) ; queue (UK), to queue up (UK), stand in line (US).

    - shelf, shelves (pluriel).

    - department, section.

    - shopping bag ;  cool bag, insulated bag ; plastic bag.

    - bag.

    - barcode scanner, barcode reader.

    - stub, counterfoil (UK).

    - end display, island display, front display ;  on an end aisle display.

    - turnstile, revolving door.

    - window, shop window, shop front (UK) ; store front (US). Window display.

    -  in a showcase.

    - display case, glass case, showcase.


    -  order form, purchase order.

    - delivery note.

    - delivery van, delivery lorry (UK) ; delivery truck (US).

    - cold room.

    - forklift truck, forklift, fork truck.

    - order.

    - unloading.

    - lack of delivery, delivery failure.

    - delivery time, shipping time.

    - sack truck, hand trolley, hand truck, hand cart, dolly.

    - bulk, volume, size.

    - delivery charge(s), delivery fee(s), delivery cost(s), shipping charge(s), shipping fee(s), shipping cost(s).

    - home delivery.

    - handling.

    - merchandise, goods (uncountable).

    - goods lift (UK) ; goods elevator, freight elevator (US), hoist.

    - payment on delivery.

    - pallet.

    - preparation, readying, training.

    - replenishment, restocking.

    - filling.

    - roll.

    - stock rotation, inventory turnover.

    - labelling machine (UK) ; labeling machine (US).

    - stock, reserve.

    - delivery tracking.

    - forklift truck, pallet truck.


    - police record, criminal record. 

    - personnel director.

    - competition, rivalry.

    - General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control. 

    - fraud.

    - Locker 

    - storehouse, storeroom.

    -  description.

    - observation, surveillance.

    - toilet, lavatory, (loo-familier) (UK) ; bathroom, restroom, john (US). 

    - cloakroom

    - theft.

    - robbery.

    - thief, robber.



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    English exercise "Self-service shop" created by chocolatcitron with The test builder. [More lessons & exercises from chocolatcitron]
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    1. These clean their banks every morning and cut the end-slices for a tasty presentation.

    2. The saleswomen know how to the best products to their customers.

    3. Every morning, Colette checks the of fresh products and sells off those that are too close.

    4. Laurie reports to her the indelicate customer who robbed him.

    5. Corinne checks the stock of her storehouse before more products.

    6. The main takes place on Fridays.

    7. Bruno his pallets with the delivery voucher.

    8. This regular doesn't like cakes and never buys them.

    9. The child throws a tantrum at the to have sweets.

    10. Valerie is called to take the customers' .

    11. Every evening, each counts the daily receipt.

    End of the free exercise to learn English: Self-service shop
    A free English exercise to learn English.
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