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    Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #89929: Around the world in 80 days
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    Around the world in 80 days


     by Jules Verne


                  The Reform Club

    Chapter 1

                       Phileas Fogg, an eccentric English gentleman and bachelor, lives in London. He is one of the most upstanding members of the Reform Club.        
                     He comes to his club every morning on the stroke of 11.30. He reads the newspapers, eats at 12 o'clock, talks very little, plays whist with     
                     his fellow club members and goes back home at midnight. 
                     Phileas Fogg has just hired a new servant, a French man called Passepartout. Passepartout feels happy to work for the calm Mr. Fogg. 
                     After a turbulent youth he hopes to live in peace. He takes great pleasure in contemplating the schedule of his daily duties. From 8 in the     
                     morning until midnight everything is planned. Just what I need, he thinks, a homeloving and organized man.

     But one day...

      On October 2nd Fogg reads in the Morning Chronicle that a well-dressed gentleman with good manners 
      has robbed the Bank of England. 
      Detectives have been sent to the main ports of Liverpool, Glasgow, Suez etc.
      In the evening, as Fogg is playing cards with his usual partners, he gets involved in an argument over this theft.
      He finally bets them £20,000 that it is possible to round the world in eighty days.

                         The wager  (le pari)

     Fogg leaves the Reform Club immediately, prepares a bag and puts £20,000 in Passepartout's bag.
     At 8.45 pm they take at Charing Cross Station a train for France. Seven days later they are in Suez.

                               In Suez the detective Fix is looking for the gentleman thief.

             Detective Fix

     bachelor: a man who has never been married / single upstanding: honourable, respectable
     on the stroke of 11.30: at exactly 11.30 whist: a card game, the ancestor of bridge
     fellow club members: members of the same club schedule: the list of things that you have to do and when you have to do them


    Chapter 2

      Fix looks at Passepartout.
      'Where are you going?' he asks.
      'Around the world' says Passepartout. But right now I need some new shirts!
      Fix takes him to a shop and leaves him there. Then he sends a telegram to London:
         The gentleman thief is going to Bombay. Stop. Fix.
      Later he gets on the ship to Bombay with Fogg and Passepartout.

      October 20th
      They had arrived in Bombay two days earlier.
      At 4.30 in the afternoon Fogg and Passepartout leave the ship.
      They want to get a train across India to Calcutta. It leaves at 8 o'clock.
      First Fogg goes to the passport office. Then he eats at the station.
      Passepartout visits the temple at Malebar Hill.......but he doesn't take off his shoes.
      The priests get angry. They take his shoes and Passepartout runs away.

      Fogg and Passepartout get on the train but Fix stays in Bombay.
      He is waiting for a telegram from London.
      After three days the train stops. The railway from Kholby to Allahabad isn't ready.
      Some men are building the railway. But there are 80 kilometres without a railway
      between Kholby and Allahabad.
      In Kholby Passepartout gets some new shoes. He also finds an elephant to take them
      to Allahabad. They stop near a temple in the village of Pillaji. The old Indian prince is dead.
      His young wife -the princess- must die with him in a big fire.
      'We must help that woman!' says Fogg.

      The priests start the fire. Through the smoke Fogg sees something beautiful.
      The prince stands up and takes the princess out of the fire. The prince and the princess
      come nearer. Fogg sees that the man is not the prince. It is Passepartout in the
      prince's clothes.
      'Quickly! let's go' says Passepartout to Fogg, quietly.
      Suddenly the priests see the prince's body on the fire. They see that the man in the
      prince's clothes is not the prince and they become angry.
      Fogg, Passepartout and the princess leave very quickly on the elephant.

    Fogg, Passepartout and princess Aouda              

     The rest of the trip is delayed by storms at sea, an Indian attack in the American West.
     Detective Fix, who has mistaken Fogg for the bank robber, follows them around the world
     and causes them lots of trouble.
     Nevertheless Fogg manages to win his wager.
     Eighty days later, at 8.44 and fifty-seven seconds he opens the door of the club.

     But what Fogg has really gained during this expedition is Aouda's love.
     This adorable young woman makes him the happiest of men.

     to delay: to cause to be late (retarder)
     to mistake sb for sb: to think that one person is someone else
     nevertheless: in spite of that (néanmoins)

    Map of the trip 
     London Suez Bombay  Calcutta Hong-Kong  YokohamaSan Francisco  New York London

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    English exercise "Around the world in 80 days" created by lili73 with The test builder. [More lessons & exercises from lili73]
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    Write the text below in the simple past tense.

    Phileas Fogg, an eccentric English gentleman and bachelor, (lives)  in London.
                     He (is)  one of the most upstanding members of the Reform Club.        
                     He (comes)  to his club every morning on the stroke of 11.30. He (reads)  the newspapers,
                     (eats)  at 12 o'clock, (talks)  very little, (plays)  whist with his fellow club members
                     and (goes)  back home at midnight. 
                     Phileas Fogg had just hired a new servant, a French man called Passepartout. 
                     Passepartout (feels)  happy to work for the calm Mr. Fogg. 
                     After a turbulent youth he (hopes)  to live in peace. He (takes)  great pleasure in contemplating
                     the schedule of his daily duties.
                   From 8 in the morning until midnight everything was planned.
                    Just what I (need) , he (thinks) , a homeloving and organized man.


    Fill in the blank with the number of the correct response 1, 2 or 3.
    What is the name of Fogg's Club?
    1 (London Whist Club) 2 (Notting Hill Arts Club) 3 (Reform Club)

    The members of the club are discussing a crime. That crime is  
         1 (a bank robbery)   2 (a murder)      3 (a kidnapping)

    Why does Fogg go around the world?  
        1 (to find a wife)     2 (to win a bet)     3 (to visit countries)

    What does Fix use to communicate with Scotland Yard?
       1 (the Post-Office)   2 (the telegraph)   3 (the telephone)

    What's the name of the princess Fogg saves from death?   
        1 (Aouda)     2 (Achira)      3 (Anuja)

    Passepartout is looking for an elephant to go to Allahabad because  
       1 (the train has broken down)       2 (the track has not been completed yet)   3 (there is a violent storm)

    Why does Passepartout have to buy a new pair of shoes?
     1 (His shoes are worn)     2 (He has lost one of his shoes)    3 (The priests have taken his shoes) 

    Fix follows Fogg around the world, Fix  
       1 (thinks that Fogg is the bank robber)   2 (spies for the members of the club)  3 (wants Fogg to lose the wager)

    End of the free exercise to learn English: Around the world in 80 days
    A free English exercise to learn English.
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