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    Which tense/correct

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    Which tense/correct
    Message from mohammad51 posted on 18-07-2019 at 02:16:08 (D | E | F)
    Could you please help with this question and get me the answer?
    Thanks for any reply.

    Algeria Senegal in the Africa Cup final next Friday.
    will play \ is going to play \ plays \ is playing

    I see all these are possible with future going to = a decision made in advance or intention and could be possible here because both teams have already intention. playing for arranged and scheduled things also is used to indicate future.
    c. plays \ will play both are used to achieve future tenses
    So which one is the best of all ?

    Edited by lucile83 on 19-07-2019 17:07

    Re: Which tense/correct from traviskidd, posted on 18-07-2019 at 03:40:31 (D | E)
    Hello Mohammad, as far as I'm concerned, all the choices are valid. Each of them carries a different nuance, but more or less they all mean the same thing. (There should be a "the" before "Africa Cup", however.)
    See you.

    Re: Which tense/correct from mohammad51, posted on 19-07-2019 at 14:13:50 (D | E)
    Thank you traviskidd very much
    I agree with you to the same notion that all tenses are valid in future, but will is used when the prediction is not detected or when things are less certain >>> n opinion, hope, uncertainty or assumption regarding the future

    example: He will probably come back tomorrow.
    2- will when we're talking about a decision at the moment of speaking ( spontaneous). We are usually making an offer or promise or talking about something that we want to do.

    A: I'm cold. B: I'll close the window.
    3- an action in the future that cannot be influenced

    example: It will rain tomorrow.
    B- present simple for timetable >>>> when the statements are based on present facts, and when these facts are something fixed like a time-table, schedule, calendar.
    The plane arrives at 18.00 tomorrow.
    I am satisfied to use both present continuous ( is playing ) and is going to play.
    The second it is the same of present continuous, but the only difference that be going to is used when there is intention or a decision is made in advance, and it is reasonable when two teams of football meets one another = there is intention.

    Re: Which tense/correct from mohammad51, posted on 20-07-2019 at 11:56:18 (D | E)
    One friend in Facebook ( not native ) sticks to opinion that only ( is playing ) is OK.
    Said >>> is plying = is playing against ?
    All can mean play against >>> Any team when plays football in a Cup final = that team plays against another team.
    Does the team practice\ play within its members ?
    So can help again
    I don't know how people understand the language.
    Many thanks to all members.
    Yes, traviskidd, is right(There should be a "the" before "Africa Cup"
    I edited

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