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    Place/As in sentence

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    Place/As in sentence
    Message from praveen101 posted on 20-12-2016 at 17:51:32 (D | E | F)
    Can you help me please?

    Here is a sentence...' You help me as a guide.'
    I think here guide refers to YOU...but generally noun after As takes the last Noun/Pronoun(here me)..what is the basic principle behind it?
    Thanks for ur your answers.

    Edited by lucile83 on 20-12-2016 22:19

    Re: Place/As in sentence from gerondif, posted on 20-12-2016 at 18:55:52 (D | E)
    I speak to you as a teacher, in my quality of teacher.
    As a teacher, I must tell you that I sometimes find it hard to understand your questions.
    As a teacher, I feel entitled to tell you that you should pay more attention to spelling (ur instead of your, bcoz instead of because, etc)

    as and like:
    like introduces a comparison whereas as introduces an identity, a quality.
    If I take a metallic chopped voice , I speak like a robot !
    If I pretend to be important, speak loudly and listen to myself speak, I speak like a teacher! It is a comparison.
    I explain all this to you as a teacher, because I am a teacher.

    You help me as a guide means: You help me because you are a guide, because it is your job to help me.

    (A few hours later)
    Ah, I have just understood your question!
    You help me as a guide. You are asking if it means:
    1) You help me as a guide or 2) You help me as a guide.
    Well, I don't know really. I would think it is more 1) but it could be understood as 2).
    Orally, you would stress the words tha go together.

    Re: Place/As in sentence from praveen101, posted on 21-12-2016 at 07:33:12 (D | E)
    Sorry sir..I never meant your first reply...because I know the role of the teachers in one's life...
    It was just a statement and I'm heartily thankful for your precious advice & and help.

    Edited by lucile83 on 21-12-2016 08:22

    Re: Place/As in sentence from gerondif, posted on 21-12-2016 at 17:59:18 (D | E)
    the first three lines of my message were examples using "as", based on what I had read in your queries, not some reproach or anything.....

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