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    The purpose of learning English (4)

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    Re: The purpose of learning English by oocharlyneoo, posted on 15-09-2008 at 16:22:02
    I'm Charlyne and I can speak English but to be honest it's very difficult. I like this language but I don't know why I'm bad. I haven't vocabulary...I can't make a good sentence !!! SO, help me to improve my English please

    Re: The purpose of learning English by franckad, posted on 15-09-2008 at 17:25:33
    hi rita zoo!
    I have two mains reasons to learn english.the first is that i really love this language so i want to speak it as well as french.the second reasons is that i study the international business so i have to know it as perfect as possible.I hope through this site web I'll improve my english.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by ilovecora, posted on 22-09-2008 at 04:38:12
    I am a Enlish teacher for kids. I love my job. But as the English level of kids,mine become debasing.I even don't know how to speak English in front of others.Sometimes I'm afraid of speaking English in front of my collegues.I want to improve my English to find my confidence.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by moumyae, posted on 23-09-2008 at 23:23:31
    my aim for learning english the first thing that's a love it
    seconds i work with UK colleagues that's i need it so much also i 'm new and i work like a account manager every report i do it's english it's must be and you know every meeting and report we need a depth english sometimes i don't understand thy use a lot of expression Thar's have meaning under it and of course i find difficult to use a word technical especially business English i must improve it by speaking and writing of course

    Re: The purpose of learning English by anglaisbaga, posted on 26-09-2008 at 01:07:38
    as for me it's easy. just because it's a necessity for life. besides now days with this era of globalisation. learning eng is increasingly becoming a must for each of us. thanks.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by allen-2008, posted on 26-09-2008 at 05:29:36
    hello,everyone. so many people be interestde in English. I am Chinese, and living in Qingdao, City, Shandong Province.i am also love English,and want to improve my english with us. contact with me if you travel to Qingdao and want to have a good tour. ***@****pour votre sécurité, les adresses emails sont interdites sur le site, merci de communiquer par messages privés****

    Re: The purpose of learning English by rob1100, posted on 27-09-2008 at 14:39:01
    Hi every body

    I'm from Mauritania.for me learning English is important because it me help as an economist for getting more informations about my research field as well as it's the first world language.I want everyone to me help for overcoming at the problems I face regarding with language skills of it.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by simonliu, posted on 28-09-2008 at 11:27:57
    I don't neek speak english in my job, but I like it. because it open a window for me to look this world.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by kiraye, posted on 29-09-2008 at 11:13:59
    I'am mauritanian and live in UK since March 2007.I was a project worker in my country. I had difficulties to have a special offer in my job because I didn't speak English. That makes me unhappy.
    Know I improve my English at the college. In my opinion,nowadays if somebody want to progress, he needs to know English.
    My aim is to work with organisations like Oxfam,Unicef,PNUD.....then I need to speak, listen and write English well.
    I always helped my children for their homework.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by printemps, posted on 29-09-2008 at 19:19:58
    Hi, l would like to speak english because it's for me a challenge also it's for my personal satisfaction. Moreaver, it's necessary when we travel. Thank you for your help

    Re: The purpose of learning English by radiation, posted on 20-10-2008 at 13:06:41
    Oh , i like English because it's a useful language for my work , i work with English every day , i am lack of words , so when i face a new word , i must
    use some sofeware to help me , it's a waste of time , so i need to improve my English !

    Re: The purpose of learning English by lisa19860123, posted on 23-10-2008 at 03:10:51
    Hi everybody!This is my first time coming here. Glad to meet all of you.I have learned english since my junior high school.At that time we did not have many chance to read english books or other materials besides our textbooks.This situation completely changed when i entering college.i read many masterpieces here and get in touch with some friendly native speakers. we try to get into different kinds of lifestyles and feel different attitudes towards life.we paint eggshells on hallowmas day and then take photos together for wonderful memory.I paint Chinese face book and blue ocean.I really have a good time for the reason of english.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by yudi0908, posted on 23-10-2008 at 10:13:38
    I'm agree with you.The purpose of learning English is certainly communicate with others. But in our China , as a student, there is a reason for that is to test.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by zomorrod, posted on 05-11-2008 at 20:24:41
    I agree you.Learning of English language is very important at this time.Because i`m doctor i need it to read books,medical notes,& to deal with my patients from other countries.
    I also hope to learn other languages for my interest & to know more about other cultures.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by , posted on 20-11-2008 at 15:45:03
    Hey guys !
    I'm from Madagascar as my name shows my english is not up too much, sorry for that. Here in Madagascar, french is the second language. If you want something more you have to do something more, so that i decided to learn english not only because of that but also my passion for it.
    PS : I'm looking for a friends

    Re: The purpose of learning English by qin, posted on 23-11-2008 at 14:29:23
    hi,everybody.i'm very glad to come here.I'm chinese.i learn english because it's very great to speak another language when you talk to other.and it's very useful.In china,English is the second language that be used maybe we can help each other.maybe we can become penpal or real friend.
    waiting for you!

    Re: The purpose of learning English by , posted on 05-12-2008 at 22:39:06
    hello;aim agree with you English is the first important language were we are we must learn this language me aim from Algeria but i live know in London so i must learn it for working.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by qiubi8801, posted on 06-12-2008 at 18:10:13
    I am glad to find that there are so many guys want to learn english. for the job, for study, and so on. they are right. For me, I want to learn english to learn about all over the world. You know that english is the international language. It is a entrance to the world. Learning english, I can get a great number of information about the world. I can make a lot of friends who come from different countries. That feels good.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by lynn23, posted on 06-12-2008 at 20:28:22
    hi everybody, i'm 26 years and i hope to improve my level in english. For me, like you said, this language is very important because i work in the international environment and i must to improve my level. I hope to speak in the fluent english...! as you... see you !

    Re: The purpose of learning English by moon009, posted on 10-12-2008 at 15:43:20
    hi everybody
    iam glad that i can share you and give my opinion
    i study english because i love it and itis very important for my job

    Re: The purpose of learning English by kory, posted on 11-12-2008 at 00:33:38
    For me learning english is fondamental because it is the most important language in the wold .

    Re: The purpose of learning English by slb_anders, posted on 11-12-2008 at 11:14:59
    hi, I think so. I improve my english for greater job. I want work for a international company, you know, There are better salaries.
    I am twenty-nine years old, I will be thirty next year and my baby will be born. My wife is seven week pregnant. I feeled I had grown up When I had been listening this message. I must earn more for my wife and baby, I must give them environment big house and so forth. All about these are my resposibility

    Re: The purpose of learning English by farfield321, posted on 11-12-2008 at 11:43:20
    good morning everybody!! i'm learning American english cuz i've just got my immigrant visa to the states.and once in the airport i'll have to sort it by myself.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by donyasson, posted on 22-12-2008 at 13:05:14
    hey everybody, I was really fasinated by learning your texts..I agree with you when you say that english is a very important language.. because it's used in all fields ( like someone of you said ). So I think anybody of us has to do his best to learn this international language and improve it. because that will help him a lot for his sudies, work,..etc
    I think that we should talk very often between us because we really need to each other.
    thank you ..

    Re: The purpose of learning English by kunlaya, posted on 25-12-2008 at 16:15:20
    HI,everybody !
    I completely agree with you that English language is very important to communication with others everywhere in the world.I like to learn it, and I am very happy that i can understand in English good.It is international language and it's necessary for jobs.Now, I am a student at university, and I am studing in English major.Finally, i am confidence that my English will be advance more, and I do the best for myself,jobs and good future

    Re: The purpose of learning English by carrot, posted on 26-12-2008 at 04:59:20
    I'm a university student,I'm majoring in the CPA,which requires fluent oral English,so I came here in order to improve my speaking English and make some foreigen friends

    Re: The purpose of learning English by hananesis, posted on 03-01-2009 at 11:25:15
    Hi everybody, for me I have just start to learn english, because I need this language on my job, if I want to progress in my career I have to speak English correctly and fluently,so I have a question: do you think that I can improve my english just by myself? please excuse me for any error in the writing,sorry!

    Re: The purpose of learning English by joyyo, posted on 04-01-2009 at 02:26:41
    I'm studying English in university now.Since it is my major,my future job will surely be related to it.And I'v been learning English for almost 8 years.Now I seems to have a problom that I don't know how to improve my English when I'v reached a certain level which I'm not satisfied with.Some English I speak or write is something like Chinese-English,not English-English,so I am rather worried.I wish to find some new ways to improve my English.

    Re: The purpose of learning English by psdu92, posted on 13-01-2009 at 14:08:58

    Why to improve English ? Because nowadays you need it absolutely to have a good job or to obtain a job more interesting. You cannot do everything without English.
    I work in a big company and I must wait about 10 years to have the possibility to have English Lessons.I am happy now because after 60 hours I feel better to use English. I am more confident even if it is difficult to memorize vocabulary. I have not enough time to learn it! I really want to improv my English so I try to watch English channels in order to hear differents accents.
    I want to pass an English exam to specify my real English level on my curriculum vitae but with the crisis actually I don't know if I will have this possibility or if I will have more English lessons. I encourage all people who want to improve his English level to try to speak it as often as possible with colleagues or by mail with friends. It is the best way to improve your level.

    That is I wanted to tell about this subject. It is the first time I answer to a subject so I hope it corresponds to what you want.
    Good luck for everybody and don't forget that when you want something, you have just to train yourself to obtain it.


    Re: The purpose of learning English by achouri, posted on 25-01-2009 at 10:59:48
    hi all, i agree withe you english be come very important in our life,we need it in all our activities , i love it very much, i hop that i find a person how can help me to learn cause i am beginner to study this language

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