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    Other tests

    Free placement test: English grammar
    Warning: please do NOT use any contracted forms ('s / 've...). Please do NOT use any punctuation signs.
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    1) Complete with AM/IS/ARE (BE: present)
    I happy. She happy.

    2) Complete with A / An:

    I've just seen mouse and elephant.

    3) Use the genitive case:
    This is the Simpsons house. Here is Peter car.

    4) Use the correct possessive adjective (my/his/your...):
    This car belongs to me. It's car.
    My brother has just bought this motorbike. It's motorbike.

    5) Write the plural form:
    church -> study ->

    6) Complete with THERE IS or THERE ARE
    At home, a big computer and two huge armchairs.

    7) Use the correct relative pronoun (WHO or WHICH):
    Do you know the girl is sitting there?
    Our dog, is over there, is very strong.

    8) Use the present simple:
    She (catch). He (try).

    9) Build an adverb with these letters:

    10) What time is it? (use this example: it's three past six):
    10.20 = It's .
    07.50 = It's .

    11) Write down these numbers:
    253 =
    2,300 =

    12) Write down these cardinal numbers:
    9th = THE | 12th = THE

    13) Write down these dates:
    In 1993 = IN | In the 80s = IN

    14) Write down these fractions:
    1/2 = | 3/4 =

    15) Use the present continuous:
    she (write) | they (stop)

    16) Use the present simple OR the present continuous:
    Listen! Peter (play) music!
    On Sundays, he (play) football.

    17) Choose the correct modal: CAN or MUST.
    I speak English. I'm good at English.
    I do my homework.

    18) Choose the correct pronoun: me/him/her/them...
    Please send your essay. I will phone you as soon as I receive it.
    Where is your brother? I can't see .

    19) Use the past tense (preterite): BE
    She . They .

    20) Use the past tense (preterite): other verbs
    I (dance). He (study).

    21) Irregular verbs (example: DO. Write: DID DONE):
    to write
    to sleep

    22) Use comparatives: (+) OR (-):
    Tom is (+ big) than Sandra.
    Tom is (- intelligent) than Peter.

    23) Use the plu-perfect.
    I (to take) an umbrella.
    She (sleep) a lot.

    24) Use the preterite continuous: BE + ING:
    I (to sleep) when the phone rang.
    They (to listen) to music when they heard a big noise.

    25) Complete with SOME or ANY.
    I want fruit. Is there left?

    26) Use superlatives:
    I'm (intelligent) man in the town.
    Sandra is (rich) woman.

    27) What is the passive voice?:
    Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. > .
    That man is stealing my car! > !

    28) Use the present perfect (do not use contracted forms):
    We (to finish)
    She (to eat)

    29) Ask a question about the underlined words:
    I have been living in Paris for 5 years. -> ?
    Peter went to London 5 days ago. -> ?

    30) Countable or Uncountable? Write C if the word is a countable noun. Write U if the word is an Uncountable noun:
    table ->
    water ->

    End of the free English placement test: English grammar